Top 7 Coffee Shops in Lake Tahoe

A Guide to Lake Tahoe Coffee Shops

Black Cabin Coffee

Photo by Mona S.

A cozy retreat among Lake Tahoe coffee shops, whether set against winter clouds and flurrying cocoa powder snow or buzzing with life on a bright summer’s day, Black Cabin’s intimately sized abode manages to embody everything the imagination could possibly desire when searching for high-quality java in California’s mountainous timberland.

First and foremost, the team here roasts sustainably sourced beans from the world’s premier growing regions on-site, in small batches. Fresh coffee aside, you can also expect to enjoy the delicious taste of organic syrups and organic chocolate sauce made with Peruvian Cacao while sipping your handcrafted, espresso-enriched beverage.

Keys Cafe

Built in the 1960s, this historic family home converted to a welcoming cabin cafe sits tucked away in the shoreside neighborhood of the Keys. Known not only for flavorfully adventurous signature concoctions such as the coconut white chocolate mocha, Keys Cafe is likewise renowned for acai bowls and breakfast burritos. The delightful ambiance, charm, and utility make this spot an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, coffee dates with friends, or productive work sessions.

Bare Roots Artisan Coffee Roasting Co

Located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, Bare Roots is a family-owned and operated small batch roastery providing premium coffee beans sourced from organic, bird-friendly, and fair trade farms from around the globe. The interior is cute and quaint, offering guests several seating options, friendly service, as well as a selection of scrumptious croissants.

Cuppa Tahoe

Part bookstore, part community workspace, part cafe, Cuppa Tahoe projects an alluring balance of elegance and ease, with its sleek furnishings, artisan bookshelves, and well-manicured reading nooks. For only three dollars an hour, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the professional amenities available in their casual co-working section. When in need of a study break, don’t hesitate to indulge yourself in Cuppa Tahoe’s seasonally rotating menu either, which consists of exceptional coffee, numerous hot teas, fruit smoothies, and tantalizing pastries.

Revive Coffee & Wine

Your quintessential cottage in the woods, the picturesque woodsy setting that surrounds Revive is certainly Insta-worthy, and being walking distance from the beach, guests can relax and observe passers-by while sitting in the front yard. Stepping inside gives way to the familiar warmth of home, though this living room boasts a crackling stone fireplace and handcrafted coffee bar with wood that was milled in Glenbrook during the 1920s. Going beyond the realm of specialty java, Revive serves quality interpretations of pastries, creative paninis, small plates, desserts, and an irresistible selection of fine wines and craft beers.

The Free Bird

Photo by Anabel U.

When Aaron Abrams came to Lake Tahoe, it was only supposed to be for a single winter. Like many before him, the summers captivated Aaron to stay permanently. He thereafter opened Free Bird, a beloved destination for homemade chai, organic espresso, superfood smoothies, acai bowls, and organic baked goods. Searching for an energizing, health-conscious stop before hitting the lake or heading up into the mountains? Free Bird has got you covered!

Ernie’s Coffee Shop

Having been established in 1968, and run by local families since then, Ernie’s has a long, deep-rooted history in Lake Tahoe, and for good reason, their home-style cooking features delicious takes on the familiar breakfast and lunch dishes we all crave – not to mention, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options are available as well. Bingo, this is the humble abode where pancakes dwarf the radius of a human face, plates are packed end to end with all the usual fixings, organic coffee is delicately crafted, and fresh-squeezed orange juice tops hard-earned brunch mimosas.


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