Top 7 Coffee Shops in Glendale, California

A Guide to Glendale Coffee Shops

Regent Coffee Roasters

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Graced by the inviting smell of coffee, wooden workbenches paired with power outlets, and all the magnificent trappings of a passionate independent roaster, Regent is a charming java sanctuary among Glendale coffee shops. It was founded by Leon, a man who abandoned a lucrative position in the field of investment banking to spend more time with his daughter and live a life full of life itself. The art of coffee roasting both fascinates and excites him, this is why Regent is dedicated to discovering and pouring the perfect flavor profile combinations into every visitor’s steamy cup.

One such tastefully unique blend is the Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, for which, they use new American oak barrels to obtain the desired strength of whiskey tone, giving the coffee a perfect finish. It’s a subtle long-lasting note that doesn’t override the coffee profile.

Highlight Coffee

Nestled at the quaint corner base of what’s remaining of a six-story brick hotel dating back to 1925, Highlight’s warm wooden furnishings, minimalistic white walls, three-paneled glass storefront, roomy high ceilings, and overall throwback vibes are admirably instagrammable – imagine the golden hour glow! Their signature beverages impress too, there’s a phenomenal butterscotch latte, espresso pom-tonic infused with house-made grenadine, and coffee lemonade AKA “Nathan Palmer,” whose description reads, “Yup. A coffee lemonade. House-made lemonade with just the right amount of coffee. Trust us.”

Kafn Coffee

A minimalistic space with dark wooden furnishings and creamy white walls adorned by frequently rotating art pieces, Kafn’s design places an aesthetic emphasis on community, expression, and java! Although all your classic favorites are available in top-notch fashion, don’t hesitate to discover the unconventional, such as the espresso mixed, chocolate touched Mayan Mocha or cold brew-based, grapefruit infused, agave sweetened Julio’s Pamplemousse.

Coffee Commissary

Born and blossoming in Los Angeles, Coffee Commissary has been serving Angelinos the finest coffees mankind can roast for over ten years. The Glendale location occupies spacious, patio-flanked quarters on Kenneth Road; there are numerous tables available, along with an abundance of charging outlets and exceptional WiFi. Displayed beside their premier java is an array of health-conscious pastries, which include gluten-free flourless chocolate cake, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and more scrumptious seasonal loaves.

Urartu Coffee

Embodying a warm and welcoming neighborhood living room atmosphere speckled with comfortable seating, Urartu is one of the most locally beloved Glendale coffee shops you’ll come across. The business is family-owned and operated and for nearly two decades now, has supplied this bustling corner of Los Angeles with rich Armenian coffee, handcrafted sandwiches, and world-class hospitality.

Being located near the Glendale Galleria also makes Urartu a convenient stop to and fro shopping expeditions!

Muffin Can Stop Us

Set against a dependably sunny Southern California blue sky backdrop, palm tree encircled Muffin Can Stop Us is this energetic yellow oasis dishing out innovative takes on traditional early morning fare. As the name indicates, signature muffins are the go-to here, each packed with fresh ingredients so that you can have the perfect wake-up call to your day. Then there are the stylish Coff’Tails, ranging in delicious flavor profile from whipped cream topped Horchata to the rose-flaked, double espresso pumped Rose Bud.

Ideology Coffee

Snuggled at the base of a luxury apartment building in the heart of Glendale, Ideology is a bubbly space accentuated by fashionable furnishings and aesthetic decor. They specialize in craft coffee, tantalizing baked treats (Gluten-Free, Vegan options available), and bomb sandwich melts.



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