Top 5 Stock Trading Chat Rooms

Day Trading Communities

So you’re ready to give up your nine to five job and start day trading from a balcony overlooking the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. The only problem is, you don’t quite know where to start, and the more you learn about this potentially profitable hustle, the more questions you have. That’s alright, allow us to share a list of the best stock trading chat rooms available on the internet; these are communities where you can get the professional answers you’re searching for.

Stock Chat Room Benefits

Before getting into our list, let’s discuss the benefits of joining a chat room full of day traders. First, they allow members to experience what it’s actually like to trade, no more imagining, plus in many cases, these platforms live stream professional traders buying and selling! With this being said, don’t get the bright idea of simply blindly copying everything the person on your computer screen does – that’s a sure-fire way to lose all of your money. It is absolutely pivotal to work towards creating a trading style that’s unique to you.

Second, you’ll gain access to incredible amounts of information. Knowledge is key, as they say. Not only will the group expose you to real-time news regarding any particular ticker symbol, some feature scanner tools that, based on a set of specific variables you type into the system, will alert you of a desirable stock on the rise!

Finally, it’s always nice having a helpful community to lean on. All those burning questions or concerns swirling around your brain can, at last, get discussed with peers and ultimately answered by a professional day trader.

Watch Out For Scams

Let’s make one thing clear, the world of day trading is chock-full of scammers. Although we’ve kept them out of this article, it’s still a guarantee that you are going to come across d-list personalities who claim they can make you rich with their course – which costs thousands of dollars – when in reality they’re just some scumbag looking to prey on financially vulnerable people who are hoping to improve their livelihood in an honest way. Don’t fall for it, you’re better than that.

Keep in mind, there are thousands of YouTube videos available for free that step by step teach the basics of day trading; oh and hey, don’t forget Google exists too! Try learning as much as possible on your own with free resources before shelling out thousands to some self-proclaimed guru.

While this list accounts for the stock trading chat rooms we found useful as a result of our own research, we encourage anybody serious about this topic to take initiative and do their own due diligence. Don’t just take our word for it, look further into the resources available and you might just discover something that suits you better than anything we found!


StockTwits is a social media platform designed for sharing ideas between investors, traders, and entrepreneurs – think Twitter, but exclusively for the stock market. The platform makes it easy to search ticker symbols and evaluate all of the real-time discussion and news regarding a specific stock. In April of 2019, StockTwits CEO, Ian Rosen, disclosed that over 150,000 messages are sent every single day and some estimates put the total user count as high as 2 million, which would make this trader-centric forum the most populated, robust, and active in the world!

Techbud Solutions

The Techbud Solutions Facebook group is a community designed to connect motivated individuals and help further assist them with their own personal ventures. While just about any question relating to business can be asked, most frequently, the dialogue revolves around day trading. This is a closely moderated private group, therefore, you’re going to have to wait until admins accept your request to join, however, once inside, be sure to ask away any and all questions as their nearly 300,000 success-oriented members are usually enthused to share advantageous tips.

Spearheading this operation is a professional investor named Ricky Gutierrez. With nearly 900,000 subscribers on YouTube, he can certainly be considered one of the most notable day traders in the world. Gutierrez uploads videos to his channel on a daily basis, and over the course of years, has amassed a virtually endless arsenal of free educational material.

Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas offers all kinds of useful tools for anybody looking to begin their investment journey. The well-maintained Live Trading Room Community is open for anybody to join, and with a free subscription, users also gain access to insightful courses and real-time simulated trading. The stock scanner feature provides invaluable insight pertaining to emerging strategic profit opportunities based on a lengthy set of variables that you, the trader, get to individually set to your liking.

Taking things one step further, their premium plan unlocks the help of Holly, an artificial intelligence software made available to manage your trading cycle.

“Out of the thousands of stocks in the market that you could trade, these scanners will find the small handful that are actually worth trading each day. There is nothing else that compares,” explains Warrior Trading in a 5 Star review. Piling onto the subscription-based content, Trade Ideas offers an entire library of YouTube videos that cover day trading basics; the channel even goes live with professional traders from time to time.

Warrior Trading

Ross Cameron is revered as one of the greatest penny stock or low cap traders in the game. The warrior chat room gives members the opportunity to watch him trade live (on a 15-20 second delay) while simultaneously providing a platform where thousands of peers can discuss his moves. Cameron reminds viewers, however, that nobody should ever join his live stream with the intention of copying the trades he makes. If you ever go into a trade lacking your own research, strategy, or confidence, then you might as well kiss that money goodbye!

The fact that this is a paid chat room makes it more exclusive and filters out most people who aren’t serious about trading, therefore, it fosters a pretty sweet environment for learning. While his courses can run extremely pricey, Cameron consistently uploads high-quality day trading content to his YouTube channel, Warrior Trading, which boasts a following of 670,000 people.

Warrior Trading has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

HaiKhuu Trading

Offering the best of both worlds, 150,000 strong Haikhuu Trading provides both free and paid-membership exclusive chat rooms for users. In addition to the online Trading Community, their free subscription also includes access to basic trading education, an options chat room, and a cryptocurrency chatroom. Finding a unique discord channel filled with the right network of people can work wonders.


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