Top 5 Coffee Shops in Stockton

A Guide to Stockton Coffee Shops

Trail Coffee Roasters

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Nestled at the quaint corner base of a century-old hallmark building on Main Street, this beauty among Stockton coffee shops offers a minimalistic, airy, and natural sunlight rich atmosphere accented by plant garnished wooden tabletops, stylish honeycomb tile flooring, an exposed brick wall, roomy high ceilings, and overall vintage vibes that are admirably instagrammable.

Before being roasted on-site at one of Trail Coffee’s several local cafes, their java is mainly sourced from the founders’ family farm, Cerro de Jesus, which is in the highest mountain region of Northern Nicaragua. Abundant in biodiversity, this mountainous landscape and vibrant climate cultivate the potential for one-of-a-kind flavors and aromas.

Empresso Coffee

Empresso got its start in the Miracle Mile neighborhood as a fixture of the original Empire Theatre’s lobby. Since those humble beginnings, they have spread throughout the city to three more locations, including a cozy, outdoor patio flanked coffeehouse with plenty of seating and space for working between Delta College and UOP in the College Square shopping center.

As well as caffeinated beverages, scrumptious pastries, and toasted breakfast sandwiches, they do offer select craft beers and a delicious take on pizza called pizza bread. Family-owned and operated, Empresso plans on continuing to grow and support more neighborhoods by creating spaces for local communities to flourish.

Poppy Coffee

Photo by Linda S.

Situated down at the edge of an unassuming strip mall lies one of the most adorable cafes around, it’s Poppy Coffee, a hidden gem with soothing beige tones, ample seating, and plenty of well-cared-for plants. From beloved signature lattes to minty and Mexican mochas to four soul-warming hot cocoa recipes to sweet lavender, strawberry, and blueberry-infused lemonades, there’s a little liquid refreshment for everybody here.

Terra Coffee Roasters

Founded by a Stockton native with a burning passion for coffee and community, this quaint cafe tucked away in the historic Yosemite Street Village has managed to establish itself as a welcoming gathering space, creative enclave frequented by local artists, and must-taste micro-roasting destination for veteran coffee connoisseurs.

House of Shaw Cafe

Near and dear to Stockton’s vibrant Miracle Mile neighborhood, House of Shaw offers guests exceptional morning joe, fresh-baked pastries, and a full menu of tantalizing breakfast and lunch dishes; not to mention they’ve got a very well-curated selection of wine and beer. Furthermore, while enjoying your visit to this gorgeous space, be sure to check out which flavorsome seasonal beverages are on the menu, because you’re not gonna want to miss out on tasty drinks like the toasted white chocolate mocha or house cold brew with maple cinnamon cold cream.

Legendary Coffee and Books

Legendary Coffee and Books is a locally-owned and operated coffee shop and bookstore located in the heart of downtown inside of Stockton’s historic Waterfront Warehouse. Being home to a spacious environment outlined by modern bookshelves set against red-brick walls and dappled with all kinds of tables and chairs makes this cozy java den an amazing place to relax, read, and study while enjoying various hot and cold coffees, teas, and pastries.

Dutch Bros

Founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 by dairy farmer brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. Coffee is the country’s largest privately held, drive-thru coffee company. For those java purists bewildered that I could include as large a chain as Dutch on this list of Stockton coffee shops, please remember, they’re not very common elsewhere in the United States, so for visitors or newcomers, this energy-rich oasis in the sun will undoubtedly prove a sweet treat.

From early mornings to late nights, some heavenly beverages you may spot being served out of their pull-up window include specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, teas, and Blue Rebel energy drinks that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors.

Every cup of Dutch Bros. coffee is handcrafted – roasted by hand in the Pacific Northwest, blended by hand, and then ground and pulled by hand, ristretto-style. One more observation worth noting, their employees are relentlessly kind, attentive, and cheerful, at all times, never failing to look like they’re having the moment of their lives while on shift; super fun vibes!


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