Top 5 Coffee Shops in Sherman Oaks

A Guide to Sherman Oaks Coffee Shops

M Street Coffee

sherman oaks coffee shops

A locally beloved, family-owned gem among Sherman Oaks coffee shops, M Street Coffee pours freshly roasted organic java in a cozy ambiance accentuated by artwork crafted through the forming hands of neighborhood creatives. Although it can quickly fill, this quaint space features plenty of seating, and venturing just beyond their front doors reveals an iconic Los Angeles boulevard lined by lengthy palm trees on each side; which most certainly teases a stunning photo-op. Be sure to try adventurously delicious favorites on their signature drinks menu, such as the Caramel Royale and M Street Mocha, or even any of the refreshing fruit smoothie possibilities when enduring a hot summer’s day!

The Coffee Roaster

The Coffee Roaster was originally established in 1987 by a man so desperate for a great cup of coffee that he decided to start his very own cafe, and for decades now, this corner of the valley has awakened to the precious aroma of fine green java beans roasted daily. The intimately sized shop on Ventura Boulevard doesn’t have too much seating available but is an exceptional grab-and-go spot for early morning routines, rushed or on-time alike; keep in mind, it’s located about a street over from Highway 101, nearest the Woodman Avenue exit.

Tortoni Caffe

Definitely one of the more spacious Sherman Oaks coffee shops there is, Tortoni Caffe represents the manifestation of a dream brought to America by Argentinian immigrants excited to share a taste of European java culture with the city of angels. Having been inspired by the bustling Parisian caffes found throughout Buenos Aires, Tortini’s overall modern design, occasional touch of vibrant color, both graciously spaced and crafty seating arrangements, and sun-friendly floor-to-ceiling windows naturally embody a heartwarming environment for gathering with friends and family; Not to mention, quite the productive studying atmosphere!

Happy Days Cafe

A bastion of sweet treat excellence situated on Ventura Boulevard, Happy Days Cafe keeps its guests moving forward with crafty coffee creations and a tantalizing dessert menu. Served alongside mint and horchata enriched java beverages are artisan churros doused in cinnamon, stuffed with chocolate, topped with donut glazes, sandwiched with ice cream, or even served in waffle form – talk about endless possibilities. We can’t forget to mention the shop’s fairy-tale-like atmosphere that’s underscored by textured white backgrounds, exposed red brick walls, old-world reminiscent dark wooden chairs and tables to match, and of course, all the mouthwatering sugary madness taking place just beyond their glass display case.

Philz Coffee

Let’s rewind our figurative clock to the year 1978 – when Phil Jaber purchased a convenience store in the heart of San Francisco’s lively Mission District. During his off-hours, the young man blended and tested brews, attempting to formulate the perfect cup of coffee. After 25 years of experimenting, he finally decided to move his very own kitchen table into the convenience store, and thus, Philz Coffee was born. While Phil’s humble java empire now spans all of California, with locations in Chicago and the Washington D.C. metro area as well, since the moment he operated his first storefront, he’s consistently stuck to a single fruitful principle: better the days of everyone who walked in.


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