Top 5 Coffee Shops in Irvine

A Guide to Irvine Coffee Shops

The Lost Bean

Irvine coffee shops

Embodying the coziest of retreats among Irvine coffee shops and rather scenically nestled a rock’s throw from North Lake’s tranquil shores, The Lost Bean offers a welcoming yet productivity spurring atmosphere while providing the perfect scrumptious stop before a romantic stroll down by the water’s edge. Regardless of where your potentially adventurous visit leads, enjoy their responsibly sourced, organically grown java that’s roasted in-house, and be sure to immerse yourself in this cafe’s soothing vibes and amply available seating arrangements.

The Lost Bean team is also passionate about saving our environment. This is why they use paper products derived from post-consumer recyclable material, have biodegradable products made with corn-based plastics, and offset 100% of their shop’s energy usage by purchasing renewable energy credits equivalent to planting 1,400 trees a year.

BLKdot Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is uniquely characterized by the deliciously potent combination of a dark roast coffee slowly dripped through a metal Vietnamese coffee filter mixed with condensed milk. Ever since sisters Mai and Stacie Tran launched BLKdot, they’ve shared these tasteful traditions with the Orange County community with steaming success, take for instance their five minimalistic, light hardwood brightened locations. Keep in mind, Vietnamese coffees are known to be HIGHLY caffeinated, with this being said, start your day with a burst of energy from any one of their signature creations, such as Sea Salt Coffee or the VTM Tiger, a powerful amalgamation consisting of brown sugar syrup, black jelly, and of course, their locally cherished java.

Kona Loa Coffee

Kona coffee trees thrive on the rich volcanic soil and humid climate of Hawaii’s big island, it’s the one-of-a-kind tropical ecosystem there that produces java beans savored by coffee connoisseurs the world over. Kris and Ki, the founders of Kona Loa coffee, fell in love with the coffee, cuisine, and culture of Hawaii before opening up their own pacific-inspired, fruit smoothie blending cafe. Don’t miss out on their full breakfast menu either, with banana-infused pancake meals or even sticky rice-wrapped spam musubis, maybe that beachside jungle oasis isn’t so far away after all.

Krisp Fresh Living

Offering all the tasty daytime consumables necessary for leading a nutritionally optimal lifestyle, Krisp Fresh Living likewise boasts a sophisticated modern ambiance dappled with plenty of useful indoor and outdoor seating. Their artisan coffee, which gets roasted locally, brings the natural value of espresso to signature favorites such as their tantalizing latte that’s a blend of chocolatey Nutella and madeleine syrup and the equally tempting rose water and pistachio touched latte, among others. Just say the words for made-to-order fare, think superfood bowls, smoothies, and avocado toasts, while convenient grab-and-go options like croissant sandwiches and salads are always reliably available.

Sootha Coffee

Advantageously located just east of the 5 freeway, in the community of Northwood, is a beloved family-owned gem among Irvine coffee shops called Sootha. Within the humble abode, where homey seating is plentiful, you can find entirely organic beans that have been roasted delicately in order to ensure balance, smoothness, and an excellent source of productive power rather than a cup of anxious jitters.


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