Top 5 Coffee Shops in Idaho Falls

A Guide to Idaho Falls Coffee Shops

Chapolera Coffee Shop

idaho falls coffee shops

A cozy retreat among Idaho Falls coffee shops, whether set against winter clouds and flurrying cocoa powder snow or buzzing with life on a bright summer’s day, Chapolera’s intimately sized abode manages to embody everything the imagination could possibly desire when searching for high-quality java.

Aside from serving diligently roasted single-origin coffee (including absolutely exquisite pumpkin spice lattes), the folks behind the counter here offer a menu full of baked goods and traditional Salvadoran and Colombian food. There are a variety of toasts, empanadas, quiches, arepas, and sandwiches. The loaded arepa may be the most popular dish, it’s a corn pancake piled with beans, avocado, sautéed tomatoes, chives and spices. Bear in mind, everything is completely homemade.

Villa Coffeehouse

Near and Dear to the heart of downtown, Villa boasts a spacious interior accentuated by its lengthy coffee bar, ample seating arrangements, hardwood floors, crackling fireplace, and friendly service. They grind, dose, and pack each portafilter of espresso by hand, and time the shots so each shot has the perfect flavor profile. Take your taste buds on an adventure and enjoy the flavorful journey of a seasonal beverage like the chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker-infused Smore.

On a food-related note, Villa has fantastic hot sandwiches, breakfast burritos, and toasted bagels, among other menu items.

Greenhouse Coffee

Born out of the desire to bring authentic love to the neighborhood, Greenhouse’s 17th Street store is indeed a source of spiritual light as well as an aesthetic standout among Idaho Falls coffee shops, by way of its bubbly bohemian atmosphere, warm earthy tones set against minimalistic white walls, ample stylish furnishings, consistent touches of cute potted plant life, and necessary amenities for a productive cafe day.

The Nice Spot

Housed within a red brick wrapped building downtown, The Nice Spot welcomes locals and visitors alike to hang out while enjoying a cup of coffee, soft-serve ice cream, flavored soda, homemade biscotti, scrumptious muffins, or other snacks. It’s being adjoined to AR Workshop – a home decor and boutique store that allows customers to enroll in classes to craft their own projects – assures limitless potential for visually pleasing interior design inspo.

The Egyptian Coffee House

One of the only late-night cafes in town, The Egyptian has plenty of seating, serves Treasure Valley Coffee, sources loose leaf teas from Ravens Hollow, and treats guests to soup and baked goods made by Diablas Kitchen. Care for a glass of psychedelic water? It’s a canned drink made from soda water, fruit juices, and herbs like Kava Kava and Damiana, the beverage’s effects are similar to having a glass of wine, but no alcohol.

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 by dairy farmer brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. Coffee is the country’s largest privately held, drive-thru coffee company. For those java purists bewildered that I could include as large a chain as Dutch on this list of Idaho Falls coffee shops, please remember, they’re not very common elsewhere in the United States, so for visitors or newcomers, this energy-rich oasis in the sun will undoubtedly prove a sweet treat.

From early mornings to late nights, some heavenly beverages you may spot being served out of their pull-up window include specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, teas, and Blue Rebel energy drinks that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors.

Every cup of Dutch Bros. coffee is handcrafted – roasted by hand in the Pacific Northwest, blended by hand, and then ground and pulled by hand, ristretto-style. One more observation worth noting, their employees are relentlessly kind, attentive, and cheerful, at all times, never failing to look like they’re having the moment of their lives while on shift; super fun vibes!


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