Top 5 Coffee Shops in Chandler, Arizona

Chandler Coffee House Guide

Peixoto Coffee Roasters

The Peixoto family has been farming coffee along the lush, green hillsides of Brazil since 1894, or at least, that’s as far back as the stories that have been passed down go. The plot of land where their beans are responsibly grown overlooks South America’s awesome Rio Grande River, and the shop that brews the beans into exceptional joe we can all enjoy is so fortunately located in historic downtown Chandler. When stopping by for an espresso, if you notice somebody speaking with a slight Portuguese accent while working away in the hip, industrial-style space, that’s probably just a family member seeing the product through to its final delicious glory.

Press Coffee – Ocotillo

When Steve Kraus and wife Tram Mai opened the first Press Coffee house in 2008, the Great Recession left them with little more than their exceptionally sourced beans and an aesthetically brilliant ambiance to depend on. Both treasured qualities, along with a phenomenal staff, not only navigated the shop through an era marred by financial hardship but would also lead to substantial growth that today amounts to eight locations throughout the valley. This Arizona staple also dishes out a pretty mean breakfast burrito or, if something lighter sounds more appealing, give the mouth-watering bacon and egg avocado toast a try.

Palette Collective

Palette Collective Coffee & Co-Retail is an incubator-like facility that provides miniature commercial real estate opportunities for people who want to launch and operate their very own business. In the center of this aesthetically magnificent, comfortably spacious, and operationally diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem is a little known coffee shop that crafts some of the best chai lattes, among other caffeinated beverages, in town.

Coffee Rush

Locally owned Coffee Rush is a beloved neighborhood gathering space accentuated by its waterfront patio that’s situated alongside a tranquil manmade pond; yes, even stormy afternoons naturally brightened by nothing but colorful lightning streaks make for a scenic outdoor experience. Inside, cozy walls are dappled with heart-warming photos of Chandler regulars that are excited to show off the handmade creations of their hometown coffee shop. Also noteworthy, if you’re going to need a wifi connection, the friendly baristas will provide you a slip with login information that is good for up to 3 hours.

SoZo Coffee House

“Coffee with a Cause” has been the mantra of SoZo since they first opened their doors in 2010. The caring coffee house donates money from every purchase to a local or international cause or organization that is seeking to improve the world in which we live.┬áThis venue also functions as the community’s unofficial cultural center of the arts, on any given evening you can stumble upon a variety of local bands, musicians, and poets gracing their professional stage; these kind souls even give performers a cut of the night’s sales and tips!

SoZo also has a “slow” bar that encourages conversation, tables to spread out and work, large comfortable leather chairs and couches that invite relaxation, and an enclosed playroom that’s perfect for parents with children.