Top 5 Classiest Bars in Chandler, Arizona

Let’s Get Classy, Chandler!

The Ostrich

Dr. AJ Chandler was the veterinary surgeon who founded the community of Chandler, Arizona in mid May of 1912. His basement space, which is currently located directly below Crust Chandler, was once a watering hole for the nation’s traveling and sometimes nefarious elite. For a while, he packed the room with ostrich feather fashion accessories believing that the look would catch fire with flapper women of the day, and thus, the dazzling speakeasy which today turns out crafty handmade libations from the hidden, upscale bastion of mixology downstairs, is named The Ostrich.

There are no signs on the door. Look for the red light.

The Brickyard Downtown

Residing within a historic building in the heart of downtown Chandler, when it comes to unbridled quality, The Brickyard goes toe to toe with any premier cocktail lounge in Phoenix’s metro area. They harbor a deep respect for the art of bartending and take pride in appreciating the history of a beverage, the depth of each individual ingredient, the balance of the overall flavor, the design in the presentation, and of course, most importantly, the sanctity of a guests experience upon indulging themselves in such an intentional creation. You’re gonna want to bring friends, the menu here, which features tantalizing flavors from around the globe, has been purposely curated with small plates meant to be shared, enjoyed around the table.

The Perch Brewery

The Perch Brewery & Pub can also be found in historic downtown Chandler. What makes this atrium oasis so special, is it gives you the opportunity to dine alongside an impressive collection of over 50 brightly colored, tropical rescue birds. They even have the best rooftop bar in town, where panoramic views of the surrounding city center and beyond mesh with 40 craft beers and an impressive craft cocktail selection. Certainly one of the most unique experiences in the entire valley!

P.S. not a bad idea for your next date either, just sayin’.

Spirit House

Directly behind SanTan Brewery & Pub is another brainchild of founder, Anthony Canecchia, this hallowed space is referred to as Spirit House. The sophisticated venue exclusively serves house-made spirits, but truth be told, you’re still going to find your all-time favorite cocktails, just poured up with a one of a kind, locally handcrafted liquor; they really have it all, from American Single Malt, Bourbon & Rye whiskeys, to Vodka, Gin and various Botanical Spirits.

Two words: Whiskey flights. Try a whiskey flight! Oh, and for those charcuterie board connoisseurs out there, be sure to add this neighborhood gem to your list.

The Local Chandler

This charming watering hole may not necessarily be luxurious, but it’s got noteworthy character, The Local Chandler is an upscale sports bar that’s home to local beers, spirits, and a locally inspired menu packed with locally sourced ingredients and flavors. The only time they seem to drift away from regional dedication is that magical hour when they fire up over 25 TVs, and a projector screen, to showcase the world’s biggest sporting events on.

You Should Also Know

Thirsty Lion Gastropub

Started by a Portland man whose mission is to bring legitimacy to the term “Gastropub,” Thirsty Lion pulls through as Chandler’s very own upscale public house serving high-quality food and beverages without pretension. Having thoroughly researched local and regional beers, the eatery offers no less than the American southwest’s 100 best options on tap; nearby distilleries weren’t immune to their exhaustive hunt either, you’ll be happy to find a promising selection of locally sourced spirits as well. Aside from the dimly lit, classy London pub-style interior, the music being played here is a pretty sweet pleasant surprise – you’ll hear current pop hits, some hip hop, transcendent throwbacks, and the occasional sprinkle of alternative rock.