Top 15 Coffee Shops in Las Vegas

A Guide to Las Vegas Coffee Shops

Mothership Coffee Roasters

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An aesthetically gifted hallmark among Las Vegas coffee shops, Mothership puts an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience, offering a photo op per every beautified corner – there’s the trendy light fixtures hanging from above, granite tabletops, cushioned chairs, textured walls, comfortable couches, and more pointedly, posh retro vibes meet cozily procured grace in a splendid crossover that devoted java connoisseurs and digital, WiFi-enabled nomads alike can appreciate.

The picturesque decor serves as an accomplice to exceptional coffee beverages and a scrumptious selection of fresh-baked pastries (vegan options available) made from scratch!

Vesta Coffee Roasters

Nestled in the vibrant Arts District, Vesta has a minimalistic setting underscored by black and white tones, a classy yet casual ambiance, ample modern furnishings, and the promising aroma of responsibly sourced coffee being roasted on-site; on the latter note, they were named Food & Wine’s best coffee in Nevada in 2018 and 2019!


Photo by Cqrlq S.

A canteen-style restaurant and java bar just walking distance from the glittering lights of the Freemont Street Experience, PublicUs features communal park benches, greenery, colorful accents, and an award-winning coffee program boasting delicious signature concoctions such as a cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla seduced Black Swan. You may want to bring an appetite along too, considering their fare is made with local and/or organic produce where possible; that’s not to mention the homemade, fresh-baked bread, pastries, and desserts.

Makers & Finders

Started by a first-generation Colombian-American who graduated from UNLV and then sought to create a concept featuring dishes he’s loved for a lifetime, Makers & Finders has been a vibrant cornerstone among Las Vegas coffee shops since opening in 2014. The upbeat space is brightly lit and outfitted with plenty of seating, speedy WiFi, and positive affirmations – communal connections, co-working, and networking are strongly encouraged.

All syrups are handmade by trained baristas, making their specialty latte menu one of the most unique around, lest we forget the refreshing Latin-inspired cocktails, delicious brunch fare, and well-curated selection of mimosas, craft beers, and fine wines.

Bungalow Coffee Co.

Near and dear to the Arts District, Bungalow is an aesthetic standout, by way of its bright bohemian atmosphere, warm earthy tones set against creamy white walls, ample furnishings, high exposed ceilings, occasional touch of well-maintained plant life, and necessary amenities for a productive cafe day. Your morning joe will not only fuel you, but also a positive change in the surrounding community, as each month a portion of profits are donated to a charity, cause, or movement.

Gabi Coffee & Bakery

There is a great big, ominous, even mystical wooden door strapped to the side of what would otherwise be an unassuming warehouse. Stepping through said door reveals a chandelier-lit, enchanting world inspired by one long-ago Korean kingdom. Think lush verdure, posh chesterfields, eclectic yet elegant chairs, and a centerpiece greenhouse-like structure, together emanating an alluring charm.

Aside from spectacular decor, Gabi is also known for baking top-tier breads, cakes, and pastries in-house as well as procuring a wide variety of craft hot and iced drinks. The delightful balance of opulence, charm, and utility make this beloved getaway an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues or coffee dates with friends.

Coffee Religion

The centerpiece of the one-of-a-kind environment found at Coffee Religion is an 11-foot high sculpture titled ‘Padmasambhava’ or ‘Lotus Born,’ it’s of the second Buddha, the figure responsible for bringing Buddhism to Tibet in the 8th Century. He is often seen as an important symbol of enlightenment and meditation.

If you are a brunch enthusiast, an Instagram connoisseur of cuteness, or just looking for one of the valley’s most unique social gathering experiences, their High Tea time is an immersive must-do. For only $35 per person, guests are treated to 60 minutes of service that includes a beautifully arranged assortment of tea, scones, desserts, and finger sandwiches.

Bad Owl Coffee Roasters

The mood lighting being emitted via caged chandeliers combined with its ample wooden tabletops, wizardly decor, and sophisticated ambiance transports Bad Owl’s visitors to the sorts of study quarters found nowhere other than Hogwarts. This stunning Harry Potter-themed cafe specializes in coffee that’s been roasted in-house and has the ability to be brewed via several different magical methods: espresso, pourovers, Kyoto, Nitrogen-infused, cold brew, and pressed.

Golden Fog Coffee

Located on the ground level of the shareDOWNTOWN apartment building and snuggled within the walkable 18B Arts District neighborhood, Golden Fog was started and is run by a dynamic husband and wife duo who after a decade of endless daydreaming finally brought their heartfelt aspirations to fruition in 2020. The cafe is fully vegetarian, exclusively serves Dark Moon Coffee, houses 20 loose leaf teas, and offers plenty of vegan-friendly food options thanks to partnerships with Tacotarian, Vintage Vegan Diner, and Garden Grill.

Adorning the minimalistic walls beside their light wooden furnishings and golden chairs is a rotating art gallery showcasing creative expressions by local artists.

Madhouse Coffee

Photo by Kenneth Z.

A quaint, though character-ridden gem near the Summerlin area, Madhouse is a WiFi-bearing hole in the wall that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, and yes, even on 4/20. This java station has been filling human fuel tanks with a hearty lineup of caffeinated brews since 2010, guests can also expect to encounter bomb sandwiches, vegan-friendly pastries and dishes, and believe it or not, even hookah.

Connoisseurs of hot bean juice can sample several coffee drinks, savor a mad cow – which imbues an everyday latte with hazelnut flavor – or coolly quaff one of 14 cold-brewed iced coffees.

Sambalatte Boca Park

Photo by Prisilla C.

A two-story coffee experience situated in the Boca Park fashion district, Sambalatte has plenty of space, dark wooden furnishings, and a colonial feel evocative of the elegant charm found in European cafes. Ever enjoyed a frothy cup featuring color dimension? The creative baristas here have become known for brightening up days with their dazzling rainbow latte art!

Grouchy John’s Coffee

Photo by Monique N.

First and foremost, grouchy John is a real-life person, he is a long-time resident of Las Vegas, and yes, he is honestly kinda grouchy. Lucky enough for customers, his staff keeps him highly caffeinated and he seems to love the sight of folks enjoying his coffee, so you probably won’t ever have to experience the grouchiness.

All jokes aside, the friendly service complements a wholesome environment underscored by colorful walls, Star Wars trinkets, comfy couches, artwork, books, and board games.

Hazel Coffee & Cocktails

Taking up residence within Mandalay Bay, it’s the place where glasses clink and eyes meet. A twinkle in the eye of an old friend. A glimmer of something special when strangers cross paths. Start the day with a selection of award-winning premium coffees and curated breakfast or lunch fare. When the sun goes down, peruse Hazel’s distinctive cocktail menu for a range of time-honored classics as well as adventurous new creations.

Illumilatte Brew Society

Where the mystery surrounding the infamous Illuminati society and a deep passion for lattes meet, Illumilatte’s ambiance transports guests into the secret confines of this elusive group, complete with dim lighting, ample plush seating, bookshelves, an overall decadent feel, and remote workspace amenities that will surely have you well on your way to world domination.

Founders Coffee

A fabulous recent addition to Las Vegas coffee shops, locally owned Founders is dressed in contrasting hues of black, greens, and ruby red, emulating the bright red of coffee berries. Moreover, the space offers a plethora of seating including two-tops, communal tables, and comfy couches perfect for study sessions, business meetings, coffee dates, or personal downtime with a good book.

Sourcing unique blends from around the world, the coffees served at Founders showcase an array of flavors and aromas ranging from nutty and smooth to earthy and bold with cocoa afternotes. Curbing all cravings, They maintain an extensive menu featuring hand-crafted toasts, quiche, breakfast sandwiches, bowls, and grab-and-go pastries.

Dutch Bros Coffee

Founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 by dairy farmer brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. Coffee is the country’s largest privately held, drive-thru coffee company. For those java purists bewildered that I could include as large a chain as Dutch on this list of Las Vegas coffee shops, please remember, they’re not very common elsewhere in the United States, so for visitors or newcomers, this energy-rich oasis in the sun will undoubtedly prove a sweet treat.

From early mornings to late nights, some heavenly beverages you may spot being served out of their pull-up window include specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, teas, and Blue Rebel energy drinks that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors.

Every cup of Dutch Bros. coffee is handcrafted – roasted by hand in the Pacific Northwest, blended by hand, and then ground and pulled by hand, ristretto-style. One more observation worth noting, their employees are relentlessly kind, attentive, and cheerful, at all times, never failing to look like they’re having the moment of their lives while on shift; super fun vibes!


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