Top 15 Coffee Shops in Hollywood

A Guide to Hollywood Coffee Shops

Alana’s Coffee Roasters

A delicately arranged, aesthetically gifted shoebox-sized store resting beneath the shade of a budding tree on Robertson Boulevard, Alana’s Coffee Roasters is a must-visit for coffee connoisseurs and digital nomads alike. First things first, this java sanctuary among Hollywood coffee shops roasts purposefully sourced, seasonally available beans from around the world in-house, almost daily.

They make their own syrups, keep the powders simple, and offer the best milk and milk alternatives so that special ritualistic order of yours carries with it a reliably tasty but flavorfully noteworthy memory. The whole vibe is dreamy and something out of a tropical paradisical escape, with the soft ocean blues, thin wooden plank walls, and sun-ray dappled outdoor patio, each graced by vibrant greenery.

Alfred Coffee

Near and dear to the heart of West Hollywood, since its opening, Alfred has been a first among third-wave cafes to place an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience. Their original multi-story space on Melrose Place is no exception to this rule, offering aesthetically inclined patrons a photo op per every beautified corner – there’s the budding pink floral wallpaper, powder-white tile fireplace adorned by what looks to be a pair of bull horns, and bright neon signage reading “Meet me at Alfred.”

The picturesque decor serves as an accomplice to daringly innovative, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages and a scrumptious selection of bagel sandwiches, croissants, and gluten-free blueberry muffins.

Groundwork Coffee Co.

Groundwork proudly serves freshly roasted, sustainably sourced, and certified organic coffee at some eleven gorgeous java outposts dappled along Southern California’s dreamy coastline. Their North Hollywood location is housed within a late 19th-century historic train depot that’s registered as a State Historic Landmark Building – breathing new life into a longtime hub of the neighborhood, and in another yummy way, keeping Angelinos chugging forward!

Derived from smallholder lots, or half-acre farms spread throughout planet Earth, Groundwork utilizes a model called direct trade. This is a process in which roasters work directly with farmers to meet higher standards for coffee quality in exchange for a premium price. That way, the farmers get liveable wages, and Groundwork gets to give you the best coffee out there.

The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker Cafe

Famous for showcasing a minimalistic design accentuated by golden tones, bright yellow booths, and fanciful lighting, The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker Cafe is truly a jewel among Hollywood coffee shops. Although we should warn you, this establishment definitely carries a bubbly upscale restaurant vibe with it, that being said, don’t hesitate to arrive in your more stylish brunch attire.

As far as culinary expectations are concerned, guests can look forward to enjoying modern California cuisine with European influences, tempting baked goods, specialty coffee beverages (like the stunning hand-painted colorburst latte), craft cocktails, and very pretty Mimosa flights.

Obet & Del’s Coffee

Situated along Hollywood Boulevard, in the bustling midst of Thai Town, is recently opened and already locally cherished Obet & Del’s Coffee. An exposed brick wall, colorful furnishings, and overall vintage vibes underscore the beauty of this retro spice-laced space twinkling amongst a city filled with bright stars.

If you’re in the mood for something new, a bit adventurous, and dependably delicious, give their Filipino iced coffee, Thai tea latte, golden milk cappuccino, or other signature favorites a try!

Coffee Commissary

Born and blossoming in Los Angeles, Coffee Commissary has been serving Angelinos the finest coffees mankind can roast for over ten years. The West Hollywood location occupies quaint boutique-style quarters on Fairfax; there are numerous workbenches available, along with an abundance of charging outlets and exceptional WiFi. Paired brilliantly beside their premier java is an array of health-conscious pastries, which include gluten-free flourless chocolate cake, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and more scrumptious seasonal loaves.

Coffee Dose

Jeni woke up one morning, turned to her husband Oscar as they were laying in bed together, and stated with conviction, “I want to open a coffee shop!” After a long confused stare, he responded, “but we have no coffee shop experience.” She then giggled while explaining that drinking it three times a day was at least a good start! Thus this aesthetically glamorous gem prone to virality was born, complete with a signature cafe menu fit to impress any veteran java savant, hot “Bad Habits” neon signage, pretty pink tones, and a whole lot of attitude.

Take, for instance, the fashionable cups sporting artistically designed, pointedly humorous, social media-worthy terminology such as “Thirsty Bitch,” “Not Today Satan,” and “Don’t Be An Asshole.” This is all a part of the central focus here at Coffee Dose, which is to make our beloved California a much better place, in their own words, “one Anti-Bitch Serum at a time.” And in case you were wondering Karen, no, you cannot talk to the manager.

Rubies + Diamonds

First and foremost, let’s get one thing straight, Rubies + Diamonds on Sunset Boulevard is definitely, positively #NOTAJEWELRYStore! Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this gold-touched creative sanctuary is a spacious bastion of java innovation. They use some of the latest brewing technology like nitrogen infusions, where the transparent gas is added to a keg of a particular beverage to yield a foamy, rich effect – ps don’t forget to ask about the shop’s nitro teas, you won’t find them anywhere else!

Whether it be their coconut sea salt cold brew, a nitro creamy match tea topped with a scoop of Mother Moo ice cream for a fun (and highly caffeinated) twist on the ice cream float, or your quintessential pour-over coffee, Rubies + Diamonds will shock and awe your taste buds back to the Stone Age.

Blackwood Coffee Bar

Photo by Daily Coffee News

In the heart of West Hollywood’s media district, surrounded by studios and galleries, is this sophisticated design-driven space where you can dine in an actual art gallery. Not to mention, Blackwood Coffee Bar’s outdoor patio is home to one of Tinseltown’s best-kept rose-covered trellis’. While cooling off beneath the picturesque shade of their mood-lit greenery, treat your tastebuds with an artisan Sparkling Espresso, which includes house-crafted espresso elixir, fresh orange zest, and sparkling water.

Tiago Coffee Bar + Kitchen

Proudly sporting those festive Palm Springs, or even Miami Beach, vibes we all love to indulge ourselves in, Tiago is a colorful creative haven among Hollywood coffee shops. The shop is perhaps most accentuated by an LGBTQ+ friendly team of local artists, musicians, and industry professionals who work together every day to foster a welcoming atmosphere perfect for communal gatherings and collaboration.

Their house-roasted coffee, fresh-squeezed orange juice, house-made syrups, and health-conscious ingredients have been enjoyed by locals, office workers, and tourists alike for over 10 years now.

Intelligentsia Coffeebar

After moving from San Francisco to Chicago, Doug Zell and Emily Mange found that great-tasting coffee in their new home was surprisingly elusive. But instead of complaining or – even worse – settling for bad coffee, they hunkered down and opened a cafe and roaster in the windy city’s emerging Lakeview neighborhood on October 9, 1995.

Their operation has since grown to encompass several visually attractive locations across Los Angeles. Intelligentsia’s Hollywood store is situated alongside the sparkling stars lining Hollywood Boulevard’s iconic walk of fame and it serves as a testament to this specialty coffee pioneer’s rise from humble independent roots. The ritzy coffee bar also features a penny-tiled, poppy red ceiling, dark wood paneling, and a mauve espresso machine.

The Henry

The Henry draws you in with a timeless vibe, a blend of Gatsby-era elegance and modern industrial cool. Aside from the all-encompassing compound’s decadence-laced bar, there’s this coffee bar that serves exceptional joe with speedy WiFi, has ample space for productivity, and flashes just as much visual appeal. That’s not to mention, their glittering outdoor terrace and an array of plush chesterfields dappled about the building’s massive interior. Simply put, whether you’re hoping to hit one of Hollywood’s classiest destinations during a night out on the town or just looking for a well-manicured environment to work, there exists something for everybody at all hours of the day here.

Alfred 2 Go

Tucked away in a mural marked alley just a block from the aforementioned Melrose Place shop, Alfred 2 Go is for the hardcore loyalists who want a faster, no-fuss experience. Stepping into this hole-in-the-wall cafe is akin to entering the realm of an interior designer’s masterpiece, and although there isn’t too much space for hanging around, it’s definitely worth stopping by to enjoy some premium joe with a side of artful eye candy.

Alfred offers a variety of distinctly vibrant locations throughout Los Angeles, don’t hesitate to check out each one’s uniquely marvelous vibes, after all, how often do you get the chance to walk out of a cafe as thrilled about the experience as you are with your drink?

Rise N’ Grind

Of all these noteworthy Hollywood coffee shops, Rise N’ Grind is the only spacious java enclave where you can find exceptional cold brew on tap and some 30+ power outlets that are ideal for digital nomads ever hard at work. The “Grind” in their name pays homage to Southern California’s thriving skate culture, which plays into the decor in the form of concrete floors, skateboard benches, and more than 150 skateboards scattered throughout the building.

Javista Organic Coffee Bar

Cozily nestled on a sleepy block of Sunset Boulevard, Javista Coffee Bar is an L.A. success story that got its start back in 2012, before indie ops were all the rage! Comfortable seating complimented by gourmet sandwiches and salads, homemade baked goodies (both vegan and gluten-free options available), and flavorful coffee creations assembled with care make Javista a wholesome hallmark among Hollywood coffee shops.

Try the Chagaccino, it’s an exotic beverage that includes Chaga mushroom, cacao, monk fruit sweetness, espresso, and your choice of milk – served hot or iced.


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