Top 10 Coffee Shops in Venice Beach

A Guide to Venice Coffee Shops

Alana’s Coffee Roasters

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A delicately arranged, aesthetically gifted shoebox-sized store resting beneath the shade of a ginormous tree on one easy boulevard corner, Alana’s is a must-visit for coffee connoisseurs and digital nomads alike. First things first, this beloved community gathering space among Venice coffee shops roasts purposefully sourced, seasonally available beans from around the world in-house, almost daily.

They make their own syrups, keep the powders simple, and offer the best milk and milk alternatives so that special ritualistic order of yours carries with it a reliably tasty but flavorfully noteworthy memory. The outdoor patio is dreamy too, especially come golden hour, when the sun’s warm golden rays are illuminating a retro camper parked deck-side and the leaves of many green, exotic-looking plants dappled throughout the starry light covered terrace.


Boasting a red brick-laced storefront graced with the cool vintage charm of Menotti’s written in golden cursive lettering, there may not be a better spot to hang out at near the iconic hanging Venice sign. The vintage element continues as you step through the door and are greeted by dark wooden furnishings, a dutifully arranged vinyl collection, and the occasional pop of plant life, all of which, are set against minimalistic white walls.

Prepare to see some uniquely amazing drinks dappled throughout the room; one is the Espresso & Tonic, an iced 16oz beverage that consists of tonic water, a double shot of espresso floating on top, and a fresh orange peel zested to top it off; another is the Spanish Latte, made with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon.

On a separate note, we gotta give Menotti’s a shoutout for having an artist paint one of LA’s most iconic Kobe Bryant murals over their clean white Culver City storefront shortly after the late great Laker legend tragically passed away in January 2020.


After moving from San Francisco to Chicago, Doug Zell and Emily Mange found that great-tasting coffee in their new home was surprisingly elusive. But instead of complaining or – even worse – settling for bad coffee, they hunkered down and opened a cafe and roaster in the windy city’s emerging Lakeview neighborhood on October 9, 1995.

Their operation has since grown to encompass several visually attractive locations across Los Angeles. Intelligentsia’s light-filled store offers a lofty, open space that speaks to the beachfront vibes of its surrounding neighborhood. The coffee bar, complemented by stools, sits center stage as various forms of comfortable seating wrap around the building’s remaining interior.

Deus Cafe

Part of a larger area that is reminiscent of a more masculine version of Anthropologie – think well-maintained boutique with motorcycles, surfboards, skateboards, all the parts that accompany these thrilling activities, denim jeans, graphic t-shirt’s, etc. – and opening into the rear-facing, umbrella-shaded courtyard of this shop is the Deus Café, an oasis of activity serving a menu that strives to satisfy the most discerning palate.

Also showcasing an in-house art gallery, on occasion Deus has been known to host events and dinners. Seating can be found at two community-style tables and an array of benches, blocks, and bar-height tables, providing an ideal environment for meeting up with friends or enjoying your morning coffee. The menu selection is as simple as it is tasty with Levain Toast, hearty panini’s, a variety of pastries, and fresh fruit.

Alfred Coffee

Near and dear to the heart of Los Angeles, Alfred was a first among third-wave cafes to place an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience. Thus, the quaint Abbot Kinney location is no exception to this rule, offering a photo op per every beautified corner – there’s the mint-colored tiles making up the front counter’s background, ice cream sprinkles looking floral walls accompanied by white neon signage reading “But First, Coffee,” gray floors, and a sauna-style wooden bench for waiting.

The picturesque decor acts as an accomplice to daringly innovative, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages and a scrumptious selection of bagel sandwiches, croissants, and gluten-free blueberry muffins. A pro tip, it’s probably best to plan to grab & enjoy elsewhere given seating is scarce here.

Flowerboy Project

You can call it a boutique, you can call it a cafe, you can call it a flower shop with donuts, the one of a kind shop’s About Us page beautifully elaborates upon, but what The Flowerboy Project truly is, is an exploration of individual shades of color and a montage of tastes. While waiting for that appropriately rose petal topped latte, you’re not gonna help but need to peruse about the perfect gift-laden shelves of this aesthetically brilliant, independently owned gem. Stopping in is also an excellent opportunity to pick a stunning bouquet of flowers for that special someone in your life.

Groundwork Coffee Co.

Groundwork proudly serves freshly roasted, sustainably sourced, and certified organic coffee at some eleven gorgeous java outposts dappled along Southern California’s shimmering coastline. Their Venice location is housed within a cozy turn-of-the-century brick building that, legend has it, was constructed with a horse stable to accommodate LA’s thriving carriage trade.

Derived from smallholder lots, or half-acre farms spread throughout planet Earth, Groundwork utilizes a model called direct trade. This is a process in which roasters work directly with farmers to meet higher standards for coffee quality in exchange for a premium price. That way, the farmers get liveable wages, and Groundwork gets to give you the best coffee out there.

Cafe Collage

Nestled in the heart of Venice, beneath the iconic hanging Venice sign and just a seashell’s throw from the beach, Cafe Collage has been a locally beloved hallmark since it first opened in 1993. They offer a broad selection of excellent beverages ranging from specialty coffee concoctions to customizable smoothies to teas to kombucha, in other words, there’s something for everybody here. Also known for delicious fare, Cafe Collage is a great destination for breakfast, fresh-made sandwiches, and even Korean food.

Bluestone Lane

Definitely more restaurant than corner coffee joint experience, Bluestone Lane’s trendy Venice digs embody a sophisticated space that combines beach-inspired decor with a bright Aussie feel. The elevated shoreside hang-out accentuated by pastel colors, whitewashed timber, and striped umbrellas attracts locals and visitors alike; I mean, who wouldn’t mind gathering over a pre-beach avo smash or cheeky cocktails after work.

Whether enjoying inside or on the cute shaded patio, you simply can’t go wrong with Bluestone Lane’s full range of coffee and tea, as well as refreshing cold-pressed juices and wellness lattes.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Photo by Mariko Reed

Around the early 2000s, in Northern California, a slightly disaffected freelance musician and coffee lunatic, weary of the commercial coffee enterprise and stale, overly roasted beans, decided to open a roaster for people who were clamoring for the actual taste of fresh coffee. His humble vision has since blossomed into a network of cafes across the United States, Japan, and Korea, with that being said, the one most relevant to us is the modern yet brick-made professional operation among Venice coffee shops.

There, in a modest and immaculate 650 square foot space, this store serves both its community of artisans and innovators, and everyone else who happens to meander on by, after all, being in such close proximity to the Southern California shoreline guarantees an intellectually diverse array of characters.


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