Top 10 Coffee Shops in the Wynwood Arts District

A Guide to Wynwood Coffee shops

Panther Coffee

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Near and dear to the heart of the arts district and a beloved hallmark among Wynwood coffee shops, Panther specializes in small-batch roasting, meticulously brewing, and carefully preparing gourmet java. The outdoor patio offers guests a beautiful garden setting illuminated by light bulbs strung overhead, whilst the interior carries a cozy tropical vibe complete with remote work accommodations.


Located on the corner of the iconic Wynwood Building, MIAM has a simple, fresh menu boasting wholesome and healthy dishes made with natural ingredients, as well as gourmet coffee, craft beer, and fine wine. The relaxed atmosphere is accentuated by an abundance of seating arrangements, art-adorned walls, and a wonderfully curated boutique area showcasing some of the best grocery products including but not limited to wines, honeys, and oils sourced from all over the country.

Suite Habana Cafe

Snuggled among the mural-speckled storefronts of an unassuming strip mall on Miami Avenue, this adorable little cafe serves guests specialty Cuban coffee in an elevated yet comfortable setting with movie posters, posh furnishings, trendy light fixtures, and a patterned tile-wrapped front counter. Suite Habana also features authentic Cuban bites such as pastelitos, empanadas, and delicious local pastries (vegan and vegetarian options available).

Mr Baguette

Mr. Baguette is one of the most aesthetically gifted coffee shops in Wynwood, by way of its earthy tones set against minimalistic white walls, cute potted plants, plush furnishings, dreamy light fixtures, and amenities for a productive cafe day. The picturesque decor serves as an accomplice to thoughtfully crafted, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages, flavorful sandwiches made with house sauces and locally sourced veggies, scrumptious baked goods, and wines selected from regions in California, Italy, Chile, Spain, and the South of France.

That being said, whether you’re catching up with friends after work or meeting that special someone, Mr. Baguette has manifested the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Yoko Matcha

To those Instagram Connoisseurs of cuteness ever on the prowl for all things pretty, Yoko Matcha has an enchanting environment camouflaged in shades of pink, the occasional soft blue accent, and chic seating arrangements. Though the friendly folks behind the counter here are sure to whip up tasty takes on your usual morning ritual, they also specialize in matcha, which is a finely ground powder of uniquely grown and processed green tea leaves that when prepared just right is known to be rich in antioxidants, boost the metabolism, and have about as much caffeine as a cup of coffee – without the jitters, though.

Novela Cafe Social

Novela Cafe Social carries a relaxed professional vibe underscored by comfy blue couches, fun bright pink neon signage reading “I licked it so it’s mine,” and touches of greenery. The attention to detail that has gone into designing this space with a delightful balance of charm and utility makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, or solo study sessions.


Whether you’d like to sink into an armchair and appreciate the company of loved ones over a steamy cup of joe, lounge beneath a colorful umbrella on the patio (with the building’s gorgeous floral facade as the backdrop), or flip through the pages of your favorite novel amidst the tranquility of a reliable neighborhood gathering place, whatever the case may be, Rodillo has got you covered.

Dr Smood

An organic boutique cafe, Dr Smood carefully curates a menu of performance food for mind, body, and soul. They work closely with partners to produce the highest quality products from sustainable sources, pure water, and nutrient-rich soil.

La Colombe

La Colombe is a cafe born from the heart of Philadelphia, where grit, determination, creativity, and innovation have driven them to grow and share with communities beyond the city of brotherly love. Considering it’s nestled inside Walt Grace Vintage – which also has on display stunning vintage cars and guitars – after taking down your latte, feel free to peruse through and draw inspiration from the rare collector’s pieces.

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee

Pasion del Cielo provides patrons the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of intimately sourced coffee beans from around the world and ensures each selected bean maintains its characteristic flavor, rich body, and aroma by never blending or mixing them.


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