Top 10 Coffee Shops in The Heights

A Guide to Coffee Shops in The Heights

Boomtown Coffee

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Opened on 19th Street back in 2012, Boomtown is a small batch roaster and beloved hallmark among coffee shops in the Heights. Their welcoming abode was designed to be a place where you can sit at the bar and chat with the baristas or plop down on the couch to unwind, study, work, or have a meeting; that being said, the energetic environment features bright modern elements, art-adorned white walls, and an abundance of chic seating arrangements. As a 1% for the Planet Partner, Boomtown has committed to donating 1% of all roasted coffee sales to charities in the 1% network.

Throughgood Coffee

Whether you’d like to sink into a corner and appreciate the company of loved ones over a steamy cup of joe, silently work amidst the tranquil charm of a room where the warm sounds of vinyl and the beauty of visual art gently intersect, or read a book at a picnic table outside, whatever the case may be, Throughgood has got you covered. Furthermore, their baristas can deliver tasty takes on your usual favorites with a variety of brewing methods, including cold brew, espresso, pour-over, V60, drip, and plunger.

EQ Heights

Photo by TK Goforth

This cozy blue social house serves coffees selected for their strong body flavor, uniqueness, quality, and consistency, preferably acquired directly from the farmers, in micro-lots, under fair-trade terms. Moreover, EQ Heights maintains a relaxed ambiance complete with mellow tones, art-dappled walls, plenty of locally sourced seating arrangements, a well-furnished outdoor porch, and useful amenities for a productive cafe day. Don’t hesitate to pair your thoughtfully crafted beverage with a sweet or savory treat, maybe even a sandwich, salad, or personal-size pizza.


Antidote’s interior carries warm vintage vibes underscored by exposed brick walls, comfy couches, vinyl album covers, delicate little creative expressions strung together, and a wonderous verdure-wrapped outdoor patio area speckled with colorful furnishings, umbrellas, and light bulbs overhead. The retro decor serves as an accomplice to thoughtfully crafted, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages, as well as a tantalizing assortment of craft beer, fine wine, scrumptious baked goods, and other light snacks.

Tenfold Coffee Company

Founded by a Houston native who after graduating from Texas A&M went to live in Costa Rica for eight years, Tenfold provides guests with intimately sourced and intentionally roasted coffee. Rest assured, the team here takes great care in ensuring that every step of their process – from procurement to production to presentation – is sustainable and beautiful. Conveniently located just off I-610, the spacious store boasts visual appeal thanks to its lush tropical plants, wooden tables, high ceilings, and metallic light fixtures.

A 2nd Cup

Answering a higher calling, A 2nd Cup is Houston’s only nonprofit coffee shop working to fight human trafficking. They partner with local roasters and hand-make their own fair trade syrups, to ensure you get a great cup of ethically sourced morning joe. While a better environment for productivity would be difficult to imagine, aside from optimum functionality, the attention to detail that has gone into designing this open space with a delightful balance of schoolhouse charm and utility makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, or solo study sessions.

The Coffee Bar

Nestled a few blocks from the White Oak Bayou Greenway – over 17 miles of scenic hike-and-bike trails within city limits – Forth & Nomad is an aesthetically gifted lifestyle marketplace with first access to everything you’re thinking about next. The dreamy boutique comes outfitted with The Coffee Bar, which boasts bohemian flair, plush furnishings, an outdoor patio set beneath historic oak trees, as well as a selection of tea, pastries, and bodega-style snacks and light bites.

Roast & Brew

Snuggled between the Heights and Shady Acres, Roast & Brew was recently opened and offers patrons a European-style cafe with plenty of seating arrangements, natural sunlight flowing through the windows, cute potted plants, and if you’ve been searching for travel inspo, an entire wall covered in postcards and artworks depicting all the unique countries to be explored in Europe.

Aside from specialty coffee, they have on-hand loose leaf tea, local craft & international beers, boutique & premium wines, and even champagne! The folks here also pride themselves on offering All Day Breakfast, Greek specialties like Gyros and Kebabs, Falafels, flatbreads, salads, pasta, salmon, hamburgers, and more.

The Tipping Point Coffee

Situated in an unassuming strip mall near Montie Beach Park, The Tipping Point’s namesake and philosophy are adopted from the book by Malcolm Gladwell, which embraces the concept that ideas can be spread quickly by a select group of early adopters who take something unknown and make it a trend. Destined to impress creatives and coffee connoisseurs alike, the quaint sun-drenched shop showcases unique design elements sprinkled with several tabletops.

Wolfsmiths Heights

Wolfsmiths was originally a shared garage where the founders worked on old classic cars, and vintage motorcycles with aged rock-n-roll tunes and good company always near. In many respects, that’s still what goes on here, only difference is, the folks behind this hidden gem among coffee shops in The Heights have now opened up that one-of-a-kind experience to fellow coffee lovers. Purchase your next air-cooled dream, commission a custom build, restore your family’s vintage VW, or simply stop in, grab a drink and talk some shop.

Amsterdam Company

Amsterdam Company is a neat and relaxed hangout with minimalistic off-white walls, green accents, a handful of seating arrangements, and trendy light fixtures overhead; the staff similarly maintains a tempting selection of signature coffee beverages. That’s not to mention, they’re uniquely capable of infusing drinks with CBD, which has been said to have health benefits such as anxiety relief, pain management, and sleep aid.


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