Top 10 Coffee Shops in the Bishop Arts District

A Guide to Bishop Arts Coffee Shops

Davis Street Espresso

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A hallmark among Bishop Arts coffee shops, Davis Street Espresso’s outdoor setting boasts an alleyway with vintage red brick walls on each side, cute furnishings dappled throughout, romantic light bulbs strung overhead, and one decommissioned bus that’s retro-fitted with bench-style seating parked in the back. Venturing inside reveals creative textured surfaces, walls boarded up with colorful wooden planks, remarkable wooden tables and booths, fresh java that’s been expertly roasted by Oak Cliff Coffee, and all the markings of an establishment that devoted coffee connoisseurs and hipsters alike can appreciate. Keep in mind, they do not have WiFi.

White Rhino Coffee

Destined to become your home away from home, White Rhino ethically sources and diligently roasts coffee derived from the world’s premier growing regions in small batches, ensuring the best expression of each bean’s individual flavor profile.

Their bright and sophisticated space features lengthy wooden slab workbenches, plush couches, plenty of cushioned seating, a bookshelf stocked with titles and trinkets, a stage for local performers in one corner, and textured surfaces from the walls to the ceiling to the front counter – let’s not forget the blue chair speckled outdoor patio.

The delightful balance of intellectual charm and utility make White Rhino an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, coffee dates with friends, or solo study sessions.

La Reunion

Residing within a gorgeous red brick building, La Reunion shares its namesake with the earliest European settlers in what is now Oak Cliff. A cognate, it is instantly understood in many languages as the meeting place. Coffee house by morning, swanky cocktail bar by evening, and producing energetic vibes what seems like every waking hour, the folks behind the counter here have managed to harness that brilliant intersection of classy and cozy, culminating in what may just be your next culinary love affair.

Hola Cafe

Over near the intersection of Davis and Tyler, the unassuming exterior of Hola Cafe is marked by five letters in bold black font reading “COFFEE.” Little would passersby know that just inside the front door is one of the most petite but also aesthetically stunning coffee shops in the Bishop Arts District. Think all-white and some textured surfaces, including the elegant paneled ceiling, then throw in a dash of jet black artisan furnishings, touch of vibrant verdure, coffee with superb presentation, and finally, the greatest ingredient of them all, you!

Jennifer grew up and lived in Honduras for 13 years, while there, she’d help her grandmother harvest and sell java beans to locals. After moving to the United States and dreaming of opening her own “perfect” coffee shop, she now co-owns Hola Cafe with her husband Daniel, a full-time musician for Christian artist, Marco Barrientos.

Tribal All Day Cafe

A stroll along the pleasantly walkable Bishop Avenue at some point gives way to one chic white brick building with a neon sign distinctively radiating a tepee symbol. That being said, Tribal is a Chickasaw Nation-owned and operated brand pressing for change, they use local ingredients to provide a nutrient-dense menu (vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian friendly) offered all day. In addition to fresh fruits and veggies, guests also have the opportunity to enjoy artisan coffee beverages and handcrafted cocktails, yes, mimosas as well.

Tribal’s intimately sized interior features a bright bohemian ambiance, earthy tones set against smooth white tile walls, a cushioned seat flanked countertop, trendy metallic light fixtures, and an abundance of well cared for and very cute potted plants, some even hanging from above.

Xaman Cafe

Pronounced: Shaman, as in a medicine man, spiritual healer, or “curandero,” Xaman is a pre-hispanic influenced cafe, agave bar, and cultural awareness environment where family and friends can enjoy food, music, and art from deep in the heart of Mexico. From micro-lot high elevation speciality coffee, which can be traced back to independent farmers, to nano-distilleries producing the best agave spirits coming out of Mexico, there’s a little something for every occasion here.

Wayward Coffee Co.

Situated near the historic Kessler Theater, Wayward originally started out as a passionate team slinging java in the Bishop Arts District from a retrofitted 1975 VW bus. Their recently opened Davis Street store is an aesthetic standout, by way of its bohemian atmosphere, warm earthy accents, ample wooden furnishings, occasional touch of plant life, and amenities for a productive cafe day.

In Wayward’s effort to provide quality coffee for all people, they primarily serve Cat & Cloud coffee from Santa Cruz, as well as rotate through various guest roasters from all over the world.

Espumoso Cafe

Photo by Greg A.

Near and dear to the heart of this community, Espumoso is a cozy Latin-inspired gem among Bishop Arts coffee shops. Aside from offering delicious takes on your familiar favorites and flavorful specialty drinks like Cafe con Leche, Dulce de Leche, and Mexican hot chocolate, they also serve frappes, smoothies, acai bowls, ice cream, and last but certainly not least, hands-down some of best empanadas in the Dallas metro area.


Nestled on the ground floor of a towering apartment building, BREWED is an aesthetically gifted coffee shop-infused gastropub complete with ample space and the sort of warm atmosphere that leaves one feeling as though they’re in their own Anthropologie-inspired living room.

The coveted java beans they’re pouring are from none other than the local roasters at Oak Cliff Coffee; but if you’re in the market for something with more of a kick, they’ve always got a selection of Texas-brewed craft beers on tap and a well-curated collection of local red and white wines. All in all, this is an excellent environment for getting together with colleagues and loved ones.

Potpourri Boulangerie

A tea house within an intimate little yellow house just off the main drag, Potpourri Boulangerie exudes elegance, by way of its crackling fireplace, fine china, portrait-adorned walls, and gold accents. While they do serve locally roasted coffee for those in need of a morning pick-me-up, whether you are a brunch enthusiast, an Instagram connaisseur of cuteness, or just looking for one of the neighborhood’s most unique social gathering experiences, their afternoon tea is an immersive must-do.


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