Top 10 Coffee Shops in Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale Coffee House Guide

Maverick Coffee

Scottsdale Coffee Shops

The turquoise tinted storefront of this cheerful Scottsdale coffee shop beckons one inside to discover a variety of couches, high top stools, and comfortable chairs meant to satisfy anybody’s long-term seating needs. They keep ever-changing artwork dangling from the walls, replacing them with another exceptional piece with relative frequency. A walk about the room will reveal wooden tables decorated with vibrant avocado toast, clean-cut breakfast burritos chalked full of the good stuff, and, of course, crafty mugs harboring quality steaming hot joe topped with heart-warming late art.


Scottsdale Coffee Shops

Schmooze is literally everything you ever looked for in a community workspace and then quite a bit more. Complete with private boardrooms, rentable offices, open tables flanked by boss-worthy swivel chairs, plush chesterfield’s all throughout, an outdoor patio that could double as a lush garden oasis complemented with hints of furniture, and in the center of it all, a cafe serving high performance, delicious coffee. While a superior atmosphere for productivity would be difficult to conceive, aside from optimum functionality, the attention to detail that has gone into designing each room with a perfect balance of opulence, charm, and utility is just as noteworthy.

Oh, don’t forget about the night club-esque lounge they have, where intellectual bartenders pour immaculate craft cocktails that pair perfectly with the end of a hard days labor. Taking all of these amenities into account, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider Schmooze the best coffee house we have ever come across.


Scottsdale coffee shops

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, Berdena’s is the cutest little cafe you ever did see. There’s not a patterned wall, colored table, thoughtful chair, textile counter, or really anything, actually, that wouldn’t look absolutely fabulous flirting in the background of yet another one of your aesthetically flawless foodie Insta pics. The beans here are from Ritual Coffee – a decorated outfit that’s based in the San Francisco bay area – and come to life in a magical baby blue espresso machine.

Sip Coffee & Beer

Each space a Sip Coffee & Beer House occupies is a restoration project seeking to maintain the original flavor and as many materials as possible from the vacant building with hopes of breathing new life into them. Scottdale’s very own features a heavy-hitting line-up of local indie, bluegrass, folk, deep funk, and house musicians, in other words, it plays a key role in nurturing the artistic spirit of the town. Whether you’re excited to bask in the glory of an electrifying live performance or planning on tucking away in a responsibly furnished corner to knock out some work, head on over and make yourself at home.

P.S. When the notebooks finally close upon the conclusion of several ridiculously productive hours, and it’s time for fun & games, let loose in the desert heat with a refreshing hand-made cocktail – you earned it!

Village Coffee Roastery

Started by a chemist in 1996, Village Coffee Roastery combines science, technology, and art when roasting the finest arabica beans multiple times a week. Their patented scientific process is utilized by only 12 roasters in the world; this exclusivity ensures that their customers receive the freshest and most flavorful coffee in Scottsdale on a daily basis. But don’t let all the technical mumbo jumbo fool ya, behind the counter is just as friendly, warm, and helpful a staff the valley can offer. For all those passionate coffee connoisseurs bearing a pure love for the craft out there, look no further, you’ve found your soulmate.

Fourtillfour Coffee

Nico Samaras fell in love with San Francisco’s coffee culture while attending art school in the bay area. Immersing himself in the unique experiences of vintage shops throughout the week, learning a myriad of subtle espresso intricacies all the while, and even forming a relationship with the founder of Four Barrel Coffee over their shared passion for Porsches, before long, he had amassed an ivy league education in the art of coffee. An Arizona native, Samara returned home to Scottsdale determined to combine his affinities for art, classic cars, and caffeine. Thus, Four Coffee was born.

The brick & mortar shop became a location where car enthusiasts could host events and connect with other machine lovers, as well as a place that fixes up responsibly sourced, high-grade human fuel. Don’t just take our word for it, within a year they received various accolades including an award by the Phoenix New Times for “Best New Coffee House,” as well as recognition in publications like SprudgeRoast Magazine, and Thrillist — all for their approach to coffee and cafe space. On the first Saturday of each month, weather permitting, Fourtillfour organizes a Porsche meet-up just outside of their very own petite garage.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Originally imagined to be nothing but a roaster of the best coffees, Cartel first opened in 2008. As a result of ever-increasing foot traffic flowing through their operation, founders, Jason and Amy Silberschlag quickly realized they needed to start building some furniture for these folks so guests could hang out and talk about the coffee they were enjoying, and at some point during that process, a cafe model took shape.

Now featuring 7 carefully procured locations staffed with over 100 wholesome employees, Cartel Coffee Lab is one of the most recognizable and dependable boutique coffee brands in the state of Arizona – they’ve also recently expanded into California and Texas.

Press Coffee

When Steve Kraus and his wife Tram Mai opened the first Press Coffee house in 2008, the great recession left them with little more than their exceptionally sourced beans and an aesthetically brilliant ambiance to depend on. Both of those honest qualities, along with a phenomenal staff, not only navigated the shop through an era marred by financial hardship but would also lead to substantial growth that today amounts to eight locations throughout the valley. This grand canyon state native also dishes out a pretty mean breakfast burrito or, if something lighter sounds more appealing, give the mouth-watering bacon and egg avocado toast a try.

The Henry

The Henry draws you in with a timeless vibe, a blend of Gatsby-era elegance and modern industrial cool. Aside from the all-encompassing compound’s decadence-laced bar, there’s this coffee shop that serves exceptional joe with speedy WiFi, ample space for productivity, and just as much visual appeal. That’s not to mention, their glittering outdoor terrace and an array of plush chesterfield’s dappled through the building’s massive interior. Simply put, whether you’re hoping to hit one of Phoenix’s classiest destinations during a night out on the town or just looking for a well-manicured environment to work, there exists something for everybody at all hours of the day here.

District Coffee

Locally and independently owned, District Coffee seamlessly merges productivity and family fun by making use of a  massive, uncluttered room that’s perfect for focused studying. With a playground, surrounded by patio furniture, just outside their floor to ceiling glass storefront, the little ones are able to run around while you keep an eye on them.


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