Top 10 Coffee Shops in Savannah

A Guide to Savannah Coffee Shops

PERC Coffee

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Nestled on the breezy corner of East Broad and 34th, PERC is one of the most aesthetically gifted coffee shops in Savannah, given its industrial ambiance, rustic furnishings, vibrant plants, exposed brick walls, communal workbenches, great big windows that let the sunshine pour on through, and tantalizing aroma of java that’s been diligently roasted in-house. The attention to detail that has gone into designing this dreamy abode with a delightful balance of charm and utility makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, and solo study sessions.

The Coffee Fox

An award-winning escape near and dear to the heart of downtown, The Coffee Fox treats locals and tourists alike to a full espresso menu, Chemex pourovers, pastries made from scratch, cheese boards, fine wine, and craft beer. That being said, the space is wonderfully designed but intimately sized and typically crowded, so perhaps plan on enjoying your soul-stirring morning joe while exploring the surrounding cityscape.

Savannah Coffee Roasters

If you truly love and appreciate the art of java, search no further than Savannah Coffee Roasters, which has been a center for coffee culture in the region since 1909 and is passionate about small-batch roasting the world’s finest Arabica beans on-site. Furthermore, they do have an expansive lounge area complete with comfy armchairs, ample tabletops, and reliable WiFi. The food is world-class as well, there’s no need to think twice about ordering a pot of soup and their famous cheese panini.

The Sentient Bean

Across the street from Forsyth Park, The Sentient Bean serves fair-trade organic coffee and thoughtfully sourced vegetarian dishes amidst cozy digs underscored by an abundance of seating arrangements, art-adorned walls, natural sunlight, a high exposed ceiling made of wooden planks, and an adjacent outdoor patio. The venue is also known for hosting a wide variety of events meant to inspire and connect Savannah, including but not limited to the occasional live music performance, open mic nights, and indie film releases.

Foxy Loxy Cafe

Upon venturing past the sidewalk tables, up the steps, and through the front door of this gorgeous period building, an enchanting scene will unfold before you, one graced with old-world furnishings, art and trinket-speckled walls, earnestly stocked bookshelves, well-manicured reading nooks and rooms, and the soothing sounds of local musicians playing on the fire pit speckled courtyard. Foxy Loxy is equal parts coffee shop and Tex-Mex cantina, stop in to satiate those caffeine cravings, fill up on hand-crafted tacos, or unwind with a glass of wine.

The Gallery Espresso

Gallery Espresso can be found snuggled among the gorgeous storefronts lining Chippewa Square – the scenic site of a museum, theater, and Forrest Gump’s famous bus bench. The shop’s building is circa 1859, has a long history of commercial versatility, and these days offers guests a whimsical enclave accentuated by local art exhibitions, mismatched sofas, touches of greenery, accommodations for remote work, the steady background hum of creatives and students sharing ideas, over 100 teas by the cup, and of course, exceptional coffee.

Cup to Cup Cafe

Around the corner from Oglethorpe Square, Cup to Cup provides patrons coffee that has been small-batch roasted in-house to ensure the highest quality and consistency. Drop by the petite shop to pick up tasty takes on your usual caffeinated favorites or a sweet treat for that special somebody on your way home.

Blends a Coffee Boutique

Whether you’d like to settle into a corner and appreciate the company of loved ones over a steamy cup of joe, set up near the window and flip through the page of your favorite novel as the world passes on by, or peacefully study amidst the familiar comforts of a reliable neighborhood gathering place, whatever the case may be, Blends a Coffee Boutique has got you covered.

Mirabelle Savannah

To those Instagram connoisseurs of cuteness ever on the prowl for all things pretty, Mirabelle occupies a fairy-tale-worthy 1800s-era building set across from St. Johns Cathedral, one of the most iconic landmarks in Savannah. From Hong Kong style milk-teas to Vietnamese egg coffee to heavenly Belgian waffles, the friendly folks behind the counter here aim to take the best ideas from around the world and steep them in southern charm. There is also a chocolate library featuring a varied selection of chocolatiers that produce sustainable chocolate with clean ingredients and pay people fairly along the way.

Henny Penny Art Space & Cafe

This absolute gem among Savannah coffee shops celebrates and supports the parent tribe by providing a family-friendly art space combined with top-notch baked goods and craft coffee drinks. Spend some quality time in the art studio connecting with your favorite person, big or small. Situated just blocks from Forsyth Park, Henny Penny also offers custom-designed arts and crafts kits for all ages, open studio, workshops, classes, and is available for booking parties.

The Blue Door

The Blue Door is a relaxed hangout with sci-fi elements such as action figures and other collectible toys, movie posters showcased throughout, and an arcade game. The staff maintains a tempting selection of coffee beverages, nutritious smoothies, flatbread paninis, and “build your own” style waffles.

Bitty & Beau’s

A wonderful setting for words with friends, long study sessions, or just a good old-fashioned java break, Bitty & Beaus serves a variety of hot and cold coffee beverages, along with cafe bites.

Amy and Ben Wright, the founders of this human rights movement disguised as a coffee shop, are the proud parents of four children – Lillie, Emma Grace, Beau and Bitty. Lillie was born with autism, and Bitty & Beau were born with Down syndrome.

With over 80% of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities unemployed nationwide, the Wrights believe that Bitty & Beau’s Coffee creates a path for people with disabilities to become more valued, accepted, and included in every community.

The original shop opened in January 2016 in Wilmington, NC, and employed 19 individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, since then, they’ve grown to over 23 shops across 12 states with over 200 employees.

Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle has coffee sourced directly from the growing powerhouses of the world. Whether it’s the rich, full body flavors of Guatemala or the bold and robust flavors of Brazil, each bean is hand-sorted with care and attention to detail, then shipped from their farm of origin to be roasted in-house, and ultimately makes its flavorful debut upon each tasty sip of your morning joe.

Founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer, Black Rifle was built upon a mission to serve coffee and culture to people who love America. Furthermore, it is a Veteran-owned business operated by principled men and women who honor those who protect, defend, and support our country.


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