Top 10 Coffee Shops in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Coffee House Guide

Ernest Coffee

Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt, or better known as Don the Beachcomber, opened the doors to his legendary tiki restaurant in this very space in 1953. These days, ever-elusive and incredibly cherished Stumptown coffee is the beverage of choice when it comes to the building’s current steady flow of patrons. Whether they know the thrilling renegade tales of the man who is credited as America’s founding father of “tiki culture” is unknown, however, one thing is for certain, they love Ernest.

You didn’t hear this from me, but there is still a tiki bar operating out of the back that serves drinks on the sidewalk patio, welcome to paradise.

Gre Coffee House & Art Gallerie

Kelly Segre remembers begging her mom to open up a coffee shop when she was just 14 years old; despite her efforts, that initial inspiration never materialized. Fast forward about twenty years later, Kelly and her brother Joe were both photographers having trouble with finding an appropriate place to showcase their art. Thus, Gre Coffee House & Art Gallerie was born.

Their cafe is a hideaway for anybody looking to get lost within the pages of a book, jam to the sounds of vintage vinyl playing timeless hits from a foregone beatnik era, or simply looking to fill their mug with award-winning Klatch coffee. During winter and spring, the Segre’s swap their photos with pieces from other Coachella Valley artists to keep the art gallery aspect of the establishment fresh.

The Vintage Coffee House

If your thinking that Sylvester Stallon is the celebrity pictured in this photo, you’d be sadly mistaken. Although the cinematic exploits of Stallon have graced the big screen in theatres across the globe, it’s Kristen who is a bonified rockstar in her own community. She runs The Vintage Coffee House, where on a daily basis, she makes sure there is a little bit of love and meaning mixed into every cup that walks out her shop’s front door. With that being said, it’s really no wonder why this little cafe is a hometown favorite and why even Rocky Balboa couldn’t resist stopping by.

L’Atelier Cafe

By the time Angelique and Christophe stepped into L’Atelier Cafe for the first time while on vacation in 2018, they had already grown enchanted with the majestic beauty of Palm Springs. Being a couple from France and owning a restaurant together there, it’s no wonder they stopped by for a little taste of home. Little did they know, the cafe’s original founders were putting into motion plans to return to their native France – therefore, the place was up for sale.

It’s not every day that a shot at the American dream is delivered with brunch and a fortuitous conversation. Within a few months, they up and moved their family to begin a new life in California as owners of L’Atelier Cafe. The head chef of a 100% French team, Christophe was initially inspired to forge a career in the culinary arts by his mom and grandmother’s fantastic cooking.

The spirit of France lives on in Palm Springs as this adventurous husband and wife duo serve guests a taste of their traditional homemade, simple, tasty French cuisine at an affordable price.

IW Coffee

Taking your seat beneath the golden chandeliers of IW Coffee assures a sumptuously comfortable work atmosphere. In addition to an already fabulous ambiance, it’s a peak out the near floor to ceiling window that reveals breathtaking mountain views juxtaposed against rows of palm trees and a baron desert landscape which leaves onlookers in awe. That’s not to mention their best in class chai they serve alongside excellent joe.

They have flights of chai…if you like chai, try the chai. Seriously.


John Abner and John Strohm opened the first Koffi in 2002 and have since built it into a premier local brand that serves excellent coffee out of four locations dappled across Palm Springs. The shop off Tahquitz Canyon Way is housed within a Class 1 historic property designed by master architect Hugh Kaptur and constructed in the mid-1970s. In addition, their massive outdoor courtyard is perfect for cooler desert mornings, especially if bringing a furry friend along.

4 Paws Coffee Co.

Speaking of canine companions, there may be no more dog-friendly cafe in Palm Springs than 4 Paws Coffee Company. Maybe its the biscuit treat coated in whipped cream that keeps them on their best behavior while hanging out with their favorite humans. Coffee of the highest quality isn’t the only way 4 Paws is serving their community, what’s really amazing, is that for every beverage or food item that a customer buys, a portion goes directly to local animal shelters and other great causes.


Being housed within a commercial office building and a bit out of the way makes Ristretto the perfect desert outpost for studying. Enjoy an amazing iced coffee paired with ever-satisfying half-off pastries after 4:00 pm.

Cartel Coffee Lab

Originally imagined to be nothing but a roaster of the best coffees, Cartel first opened in 2008. As a result of constantly increasing foot traffic into their operation, founders, Jason and Amy Silberschlag quickly realized they needed to start building some furniture for these folks so they could hang out and talk about the coffee they were trying and thus, their cafe model was born.

Now featuring 7 carefully procured locations along with over 100 employees, Cartel is beginning to branch out from its native Arizona to California and Texas. This is largely due to an exceptional partnership they’ve made with Arrive Hotels – one of which, is in Palm Springs.


Expect an extraordinary sensory experience accented by their garden-infused patio seating and a beautiful bouquet of floral landscaping. FARM is also dedicated to maintaining an incredibly authentic menu comprised of the freshest locally sourced ingredients. Coffee is served French-press and teas are each loose-leaf, so it takes a little time for them to open up and be pressed.


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