Top 10 Coffee Shops in Oceanside

A Guide to Oceanside Coffee Shops

Bound Coffee Company

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An aesthetically flawless, turquoise accented gem among Oceanside coffee shops, Bound Coffee Company is nestled at the base of an unassuming office building that conveniently sits just a stone’s throw away from the golden state’s one and only freshwater lagoon, the gorgeous Buena Vista Lagoon. Ryan and Maria (husband & wife) spent years working in the industry and actually first met over what must have been a steamy cup of joe. Over the course of time, they developed an affinity for coffee, along with each other, which is the reason why they’ve decided to pour a bit of their boundless love into every mug that walks out the front door. While your traditional latte, mocha, and espresso-rich favorites are surely available in impeccable fashion, they also offer a flavorful range of exotic Japanese green teas such as Sencha, Hojicha, and Genmaicha.

Seaborne Coffee Company

Seaborne Coffee is located inside what was formerly known as the 1930s era Graeber & Son building but is now an artistically re-envisioned co-op space called The Rising Co. Not all too distant from the structures service station past, this indie-touched java house gets people back on track with their energizing signature espresso coffee and various handcrafted drinks such as Boba, Nitro, and Kombucha. While visiting, feel free to check out the stunning creations of over twelve local designers who frequent the grounds or stick around their shaded outdoor patio for any of the typically exciting community events they host.

Steel Mill Coffee

The physical embodiment of a professional skateboarder’s worldly travels and the love for coffee culture that was discovered during them, Steel Mill Coffee is a small batch roaster bringing an edge to O’Side. North County native Riley Hawk and fellow pro skater Shea Cooper founded the cafe just a couple years ago, and together, with the help of an incredible staff, they’ve procured a rock and roll infused getaway in their minimalistic, vintage vinyl selling, rad merch displaying shop off Mission Ave.

Pier View Coffee Company

Taking up residence inside a gorgeous blue historical building originally constructed back in 1908 as a dry goods store, over a century later, Pier View Coffee Company continues to sport that upscale, old-world feel with handcrafted cherry oak chairs and sturdy wooden floorboards. These days, among their caffeine-rich concoctions, the cafe serves creamy Gelato delivered from nearby Little Italy, scrumptious bagels, and top-tier breakfast sandwiches. Recognizing a point of evening interest, Pier View is open late into the night, until 9:00 pm, and also serves beer and wine for those more inclined to unwind.

Banana Dang Coffee

Having uprooted his colorful java outpost from the tropical island territory of Puerto Rico to North America’s distant Pacific coastline, Banana Dang’s founder – who in a past life was the lead singer for a globally touring rock band – has wasted no time establishing what’s certainly one of the most eye-catching Oceanside coffee shops there is. Keep in mind, an excellent cup of joe isn’t the only menu item you’ll find sprinkled across their vintage wooden table tops, from an endless array of banana-infused fruit smoothies to artistically prepared toasts to mouthwatering vegan donuts, cookies, and pop tarts, they’ve got no shortage of delectable treats worth devouring.

The Cup

Surrounded by giant palm trees rustling to the strum of a coastal breeze and fortuitously positioned only a sunny block or so from navy blue waves crashing ashore, The Cup all but begs a walk along the scenic Pacific ocean. However, if you do choose to stick around the cafe instead, guests are in store for a particularly charming experience complete with a cozy interior, lengthy wooden workbenches, open-air patio seating, and an Insta-worthy brick wall mural highlighted by throwback retro tones. Furthermore, being physically adjoined to the Wisconsin Market makes The Cup a convenient stop for those who may need liquor, wine, or any other life-enhancing remedy provided by the every day neighborhood corner store.

Camp Coffee Company

Jason Simpson’s earliest camping memory is of his mother putting the coffee percolator on the stove of their small camper each morning, and rather notably, the intoxicating smell and sound of java brewing which subsequently filled those tight but loving quarters serves as the original inspiration behind Camp Coffee Company. The cafe features an abundance of modern seating arrangements coupled with likewise plentiful wall outlets and a patio welcoming to furry friends, that being said, students shouldn’t hesitate to take advantage of this timberland-themed downtown retreat.

Your cup of joe shall be graced with coffee brilliantly roasted by Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, a San Diego-based company that recently earned a once-in-a-lifetime Roaster of the Year award from Roast Magazine, consistently posts winning scores above 90 by Coffee Review, and always has a Q-Grader certified roaster on site.

Nautical Bean Coffee Company

Overlooking the wonderfully yacht-speckled docks of Oceanside harbor sits Nautical Bean Coffee Company, a java stronghold responsible for making the early morning silence along these still waters stir with the invigorating sounds of world-class coffee beans grinding and percolating. John Alvarez was on his way to the beach when he spotted a surf shop that had just gone out of business, fresh off attending Los Angeles’s Specialty Coffee Association of America show, he imagined converting the abandoned shack into a modest coffee house. Little did he realize his brainchild, Nautical Bean, would eventually become a sort of performing arts venue cherished for emitting soothing grooves by the bay.

Revolution Roasters

A locally beloved haunt among Oceanside coffee shops, Revolution Roasters takes pride in small-batch roasting tantalizing blends made from high-quality, organic java that’s sustainably farmed throughout the world’s premier growing regions. Their beachside neighborhood cafe, which is located along a more timeless stretch of Coast Highway that sunny California has to offer, emanates with adventurous seafaring vibes and ample seating perfect for any given virtual nomad’s productive afternoon. Every flavorful syrup is house-made from scratch, fluffy pastries get baked fresh each morning, and signature selections like the Lavender Honey Latte or Butterscotch Latte will surely satisfy those desiring something deliciously new.

Black Rock Coffee Bar

Although the popular brand itself has coffee shops spread across eight states, Oceanside’s Black Rock Coffee Bar is a family-owned franchise harboring meaningful roots in this seaside community. The humbly sized, drive-thru-only, and particularly expedient location serves a smooth medium roast with a robust distinct flavor destined to impress the pickiest of java connoisseurs.


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