Top 10 Coffee Shops in Laguna Beach

A Guide to Laguna Beach Coffee Shops

Laguna Coffee Company

laguna beach coffee shops
Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Owned by a dynamic mother and daughter duo, Laguna Coffee Company is the soft pink touched, magical manifestation of a single blissful vision: to bring locals together over a great cup of coffee.¬†They source the finest beans from small-batch producers across Central America and Africa then carefully roast onsite to ensure the fullest of flavors and freshness. Although this bustling seaside cafe is quite intimately sized, you’re more than likely to find tree-shaded patio seating next to a gorgeous rose mural wall that’s sure to aesthetically glam the account of any Instagram connoisseur of cuteness hoping for a pretty photo op.

Urth Caffe

Urth Caff√© began as Jilla and Shallom Berkman’s dream over 30 years ago. In 1989, they met a passionate Peruvian coffee farmer named Jorge who produced organic, heirloom coffee, which is derived from heirloom coffee trees – a plant species that has never been genetically modified. Since opening their first java house together, the Berkman’s have emphasized serving fresh, responsibly grown coffee amidst an inclusive and charming upscale environment, thankfully, the Laguna Beach location is no exception to this rule of jaw-dropping architectural beauty.

Furthermore, these European-style Urth Caffes, found throughout Southern California, are celebrated for pioneering healthy cuisine and bakery products by using the finest organic, sustainable, and local ingredients, many of which are delivered straight from the farm to the cafes each day.

BLK Dot Coffee

Vietnamese coffee is uniquely characterized by the potent combination of a dark roast coffee slowly dripped through a metal Vietnamese coffee filter mixed with condensed milk. Ever since sisters Mai and Stacie Tran launched BLKdot, they’ve shared these tasteful traditions with the Orange County community with steaming success, take for instance their five minimalistic, light hardwood brightened locations. Keep in mind, Vietnamese coffees are known to be HIGHLY caffeinated, with this being said, start your day with a burst of energy from any one of their signature creations, such as Sea Salt Coffee or the VTM Tiger, a powerful amalgamation consisting of brown sugar syrup, black jelly, and of course, their locally cherished java.

Pearl St. General

Although they do serve delicious, California-based Verve coffee, Pearl St. General has always been much more than your typical house of java as the connected and still operating Seahorse Bar was first opened in 1946 and soon thereafter became unofficially known as Laguna Beach’s first gay bar. The vibrant speakeasy ambiance riddled with elegant chandeliers, plush chesterfields, sensual portraits, and a series of festive walls destined to adorn affluent influencer’s profiles will undoubtedly impress those patrons seeking a more lively ostentatious experience.

Koffee Klatch

This delicate drape-laden, romantically hanging lights spangled cafe was on several occasions the filming site of dramatic scenes from MTV’s hit teen reality soap “Laguna Beach.” Some years have passed since Koffee Klatches iconic moments in the ever-fleeting Hollywood spotlight, however, they are still who they always were at heart: a mystical space along PCH offering a plush, settee dappled atmosphere ideal for gathering with loved ones over a steaming cup of quality joe.


Embodying one of the most cherished Laguna Beach coffee shops there is, Tippy’s was named in honor of a pup who was taken from his human family far too soon, with this being said, the owners aim to bring as much joy to their coastal community as their four-legged, furry loved one brought them. Nestled inside a classic looking red brick building on Broadway Street, only a short stroll from the water, a step inside their vintage storefront reveals a playful atmosphere accentuated by dark wooden furnishings, the cutest dog-exclusive polaroid pictures, and an exposed brick wall, all tinged in baby blue, which emanates from a trendy neon light fixture reading, “came for the beach, stayed for the boba.”

There is a corner of their caring abode dedicated to finding rescues like Tippy their forever homes, or in other words, you may just discover your newest, most adorable family member while gandering about the eligible canine companions.


Beginning the moment you step inside, Moulin transports you to France with the smell of fresh, artisan breads, the sight of fresh chickens turning in the rotissoire, and the sound of people speaking French. Feel free to dine on their petite outdoor patio that’s speckled with cute wooden tables and colorfully handcrafted chairs, or take a short stroll down by the neighboring beach for a romantic picnic near the sea. Either way, both are an ideal setting for a warm summer’s evening spent across from your special someone, and who knows what’ll taste sweeter, true loves kiss or the touch of cream on your lips after enjoying a delicate pastry – guess there’s only one way to find out.

Born and raised in Montmartre, Paris, Laurent created Moulin out of love for the bistro culture that he missed every day since moving to California in the 1980s. This culinary bastion of excellence celebrated its grand opening on the heels of Laurent’s 30-year career in a demanding action sports industry and was a lifelong dream of his inspired by those incredibly cherished bistros he spent time in as a child.

Orange Inn

If the antiquated surfboards hanging in the rafters overhead aren’t a dead giveaway, it’s safe to say that Orange Inn has been a hallmark cafe along California’s legendary Pacific Coast Highway since 1931, when it was largely utilized as a refreshment stop for the Irvine Ranch cowboys and field hands. Eventually, as more folks traveled south of Los Angeles for the last few undeveloped stretches of coastline, this historic seaside bungalow would gain notoriety for its fresh hand-squeezed orange juice, original fruit smoothies, and organic coffees.

Sunset Magazine has voted Orange Inn the best coffee and breakfast in town and Esquire Magazine crowned them, “one of the ten best roadside restaurants in America.”

Zinc Cafe & Market

Zinc Cafe & Market was originally inspired by the quality food movement Alice Waters of Chez Panisse started in Berkeley, California, and has been treating this beachside community with world-class fare since it first opened in 1988. While enjoying your soul-warming mug of joe, don’t hesitate to try their famous breakfasts, which are largely vegetarian, or shop the specialty goods found throughout their white marbled, aesthetically gifted marketplace.

Lost Pier Cafe

Guests at Lost Pier Cafe get the opportunity to bask in mother nature’s glorious beauty while sipping lattes beside the sparkling water’s edge or enjoying a picturesque picnic on the sandy beach. Nearest to the ocean, among Laguna Beach coffee shops, this gem of a culinary outpost even offers portable bonfire pits for shoreline bonding, which can be further complemented by groovy live performances on the weekends. Don’t hesitate about diving into a basket of fresh fish and chips or savoring the signature coffee and warm beignets as the sun rises and sets on another day in paradise.


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