Top 10 Coffee Shops in Glendale, Arizona

Glendale, Arizona Coffee House Guide

The Music Cafe

The first thing you’ll notice when stepping into Music Cafe is impressive mural artwork adorning their cozy, dimly lit walls; from a hippy, summer of love flower child to Jimi Hendrix to the tongue of the Hindu goddess Kali (AKA The Rolling Stones logo), they’ve certainly captured the rebellious 70s vibe. Oh, and if by fortuitous chance you find yourself jamming away to the sounds of real-life rockstars, that’s because this cradle of grooves keeps a steady lineup of local musicians on rotation throughout the week. Check out the events calendar on their Facebook page for scheduled performances! Family owned and operated, aside from outstanding coffee, they also serve paninis and waffles that are made from scratch, with the highest quality ingredients.

Daily Drip Coffee & Deserts

ATTENTION ALL FOODIES: if you have never been to Daily Drip Coffee & Desserts in Glendale, and have an insatiable sweet tooth, you are now discovering another goody sanctuary. Take, for instance, the Smores Crepe, a spectacular delicacy infused with Madagascar vanilla bean gelato, chocolate spread, graham cracker, gooey chocolate chips, and mini marshmallows, featuring chocolate drizzled over the top, and finally, a dollop of whipped cream. They’ve got your dependable blueberry scone, sophisticated tiramisu, adventurous marquise mousse cake, and so much more, it’s wonderfully difficult to comprehend. Diversity doesn’t stop with dessert, their coffee options can be just as deliciously unique, especially when it comes to seasonal recipes! Take advantage of this one of a kind cup of joe!

Cabin Coffee Cafe

Escape the unforgiving climate of Arizona’s baron desert landscape for a cozy cabin in the mountains filled with kind souls and steaming hot mugs. Cabin Coffee Cafe has been a laid back North Phoenix staple off of Happy Valley and 67th since 2004. Folks tend to grow plenty comfortable in their all too familiar but from a time far too gone atmosphere, before they know it, finding themselves knee-deep in a board game, classic novel, or chat with the friendly staff. That’s alright though, every once in a while, it’s nice to get lost for a bit.

Dapper & Stout Coffee Co.

Unapologetically grab-n-go, considering there are just two tables out front of the Glendale location and no public interior exists, Dapper & Stout Coffee Company is the sort of trendy, uptown joint that’ll only leave you wanting more. Espresso drinks feature a locally roasted signature ensemble blend that combines four coffees from around the world; the richness stems from Brazil & Ethiopia and the balanced, smooth flavor experience completes the roast with the addition of Costa Rican & Guatemalan beans. Expect to see more of their well-designed cups floating around the Phoenix metro area, another fast-paced location recently opened downtown, and they’re not slowing anytime soon.

Union Coffee Company

The environment at Union Coffee Company encompasses that all-white aesthetic, yet minimalistic design which creates an emphasis on what matters most in the room – handcrafted caffeinated creations and loved ones. There’s no cutting corners here, they see their java through from farm to cup, ensuring beans are sourced responsibly while also roasting them in-house. Live, sip, and laugh without reservation in this beautiful space that brings people together and fosters meaningful relationships within the surrounding community.

Driftwood Coffee

Just a stone’s throw away, in historic old town Peoria, is Driftwood Coffee, a shining beacon of joy built by locals that are driven to contribute to the revitalization of their neighborhood. Founders Luke and Lance are good friends who, truth be told, get excited at the thought alone of creating a venue for people to drink, dine, and exist together. So although the walk-up window is always a useful option when in a pinch, we can’t help but encourage you to step inside their indie art-laden, vinyl record harboring, good vibe having coffee shop. Oh, and don’t forget to try a yummy burrito while you’re there.

A Shot of Java

What started off as a subtle coffee operation huddled inside a Scottsdale Salon & Spa has since managed to attract critical acclaim from a number of notable Arizona publications (Phoenix New Times and Valley ABC just to name a couple), and now residing within its very own cozy quarters, A Shot of Java bubbles with one of a kind charm. The colorful, intimate, and quirky cafe located in the heart of downtown Glendale has also come to garner quite a loyal following amongst creatives, having hosted gatherings for painters, poets, musicians, and a variety of other uniquely gifted individuals. Using the best locally roasted beans, they take pride in brewing each fresh cup of coffee right into your cup at the time of order.

Aloha Tea & Coffee

Aloha Tea & Coffee is a Hawaiin themed cafe that, along with exceptional java, features a heavy-hitting selection of boba teas. Their tables usually have some fun board games to interact with and charging outlets are plenty, making this an excellent spot for studying – parents, there’s even a kid section where the little ones can hang out, color, and play games. From cheese foam Vietnamese coffee to brown sugar milk tea to Japanese Uji Matcha, all your caffeine curiosities stemming from the other side of the Pacific Ocean can be found under this single roof.

Small Town Coffeehouse

Tucked away in a trendy shopping center is Small Town Coffeehouse, a relaxed and quiet coffee shop, that’s perfect for meetings and catching up with your friends. The middle of this well-designed cafe is accentuated by an inviting chalkboard made available for community members to express themselves on. Wherever your north Phoenix coffee travels take you, you won’t want to miss out on such a beloved neighborhood gem.

Desert Eagle Coffee

Reliably supplying Glendale’s caffeine needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, global pandemic be damned, is the passionate team at Desert Eagle Coffee. They are endlessly, literally endlessly, dedicated to the art of the craft, responsibly source their own coffee beans, purchase the java fresh every month, and roast in-house. So whether your tastebuds are craving a Screaming Eagle white mocha or Rising Phoenix latte, there is never a wrong time to pull up to the window.