Top 10 Coffee Shops in Georgetown, Texas

A Guide to Georgetown Coffee Shops

309 Coffee

georgetown coffee shops

Situated just a couple of blocks from the most beautiful town square in Texas, this gem among Georgetown coffee shops resides within an adorable blue cottage surrounded by an abundance of greenery and picnic tables, making it an amazing destination for outdoor gatherings, studying, or relaxation. Stepping through 309’s front door reveals a welcoming abode with cozy vibes, several seating arrangements, hardwood flooring and ceilings, an exposed brick wall, and the occasional touch of potted plant life.

The picturesque environment serves as an accomplice to thoughtfully crafted, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages, as well as a tantalizing selection of baked goods, craft beer, fine wine, and live events.

Lamppost Coffee

A more ideal setting for productivity would be difficult to imagine, Lamppost is infused with a delightful balance of charm and utility that makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, or solo work sessions. Don’t hesitate to try some of their fantastic signature beverages such as the house-made secret syrup sweetened Lamba Latte and espresso milkshake.

Rivery Coffeehouse

Photo by Alexa W.

Located west of I-35, near the scenic San Gabriel River Trail, this aesthetic standout puts an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience by way of its honeycomb tile floors, emerald green accents, plush furnishings, cute little trinkets, and trendy light fixtures. In addition to craft beer, wines, teas, and European-style coffee, Rivery serves breakfast and lunch croissant sandwiches and delectable desserts, including cakes from Europe and chocolate truffles from Vermont.

If you are a brunch enthusiast, a connoisseur of cuteness, or just looking for one of the most unique social gathering experiences around, their Afternoon Tea is an immersive must-do. For only $35 per person, partakers are treated to their choice of loose leaf tea with a carefully arranged three-course menu of finger sandwiches, scones and pastries, cakes, and a glass of Rose or Prosecco.

Monument Cafe

Reminiscent of the Texas roadside cafes of the 1920s to the 1940s, Monument Cafe is a locally owned and operated restaurant known for mouthwatering, responsible sourced fare, homemade desserts, and fresh-brewed coffee. They buy as much of their produce as possible from local farmers as well as raise several vegetables and spices in their own garden. Moreover, the meats are free of hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and animal by-products, the milk is local, non-homogenized, and low temperature pasteurized, and naturally, your plate packed end to end with all the usual fixings will feature free-range yard eggs. Grandma would approve.

Black Sugar Caffe

Black Sugar Caffe showcases plenty of comfy seating, purple accents, artwork on the walls, and an atmosphere perfect for social gatherings, a quick study session, or the classic family outing. Whether in the mood for fresh espresso at the start of your day or a glass of red wine or craft beer to wind down towards the end, there’s a little something for everybody here – oh, delicious tapas too!

Furthermore, in step with their mission to give, Black Sugar saves extra food every day for the hungry and the homeless.

Just Love Coffee Cafe

A locally owned restaurant and coffee shop, Just Love offers guests a warm atmosphere paired with flavorfully adventurous signature beverages such as the dark chocolate and hazelnut hinted Cha Cha and cinnamon and Irish cream sweetened White Chocolate Tiramisu. When it comes to culinary indulgences, the team here maintains a diverse menu harboring the traditional early morning dishes we all crave; from breakfast burritos to artisan waffles to sandwiches and salads, there’s something for everybody!

The BiG Cafe

Photo by Angela B.

The BiG Cafe is an enterprise of Brookwood in Georgetown, a non-profit organization that provides meaningful jobs and life experiences for adults with special needs. Connected to a beautiful high-end gift shop stocked with novelty trinkets, the quaint cafe boasts an alluring homestead appeal and serves delicious coffees and breakfast items, along with a full-service lunch menu. All profits from the BiG Cafe go towards funding the organization’s mission of improving the lives of its citizens. Helping others never tasted so good!

Lark & Owl Booksellers

Part bookshop, part cafe, Lark & Owl carries an enchanting balance of sophistication and ease, with its comfy turquoise banquette seating, artisan bookshelves, well-manicured reading nooks, and art adorned walls.

Whether you’d like to sink into a couch or armchair and appreciate the company of loved ones over a steamy cup of joe, peruse through row upon row of literary inspiration, or silently work amidst the old world, fairytale charm of an inviting neighborhood gathering space, whatever the case may be, Lark & Owl has got you covered.

August Beverage Co.

A recent addition to the ever-growing index of Georgetown coffee shops, this cute little drive-through is the perfect grab & go stop to add to your morning routine. That being said, along with a range of caffeinated beverages, they’ve got oatmeal and PNW cookies (gluten-free and vegan options available).

Teapioca Lounge

Teapioca is a bright, clean, and relaxed hangout with several seating arrangements as well as a delectable selection of boba teas, smoothies, traditional Taiwanese shaved ice, and premium coffee beverages.


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