Top 10 Coffee Shops in Coral Gables

A Guide to Coral Gables Coffee Shops

Cafe Demetrio

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Located a short stroll from downtown – one of South Florida’s premier shopping destinations, featuring art galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and a live theater in a lushly landscaped environment of tree-lined streets – Cafe Demetrio is a hallmark among Coral Gables coffee shops. The spacious enclave showcases European flair, elegant woodwork, masterful portrait paintings, an abundance of seating arrangements, and a shaded outdoor patio surrounded by tropical vegetation.

The attention to detail that has gone into designing this cafe with a delightful balance of old-world charm and utility makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, or solo study sessions.

Cafe Grumpy

Snuggled amidst the stylish stores lining Ponce de Leon, this minimalistic gem with art-adorned walls, several tabletops, and dashes of greenery throughout embodies Cafe Grumpy’s first foray beyond the bright lights of New York, beneath which, the company originally got its start. Rest assured, the friendly folks behind the counter here take their java as seriously as their picturesque aesthetic, serving classic house-roasted brews and flavorsome seasonal beverages like February’s Cardamom Rose Latte.

House of Per’La

Whether catching up with friends over a steamy cup of joe or stopping in to reminisce about the day’s adventures (before you head out for the night), the intimately sized House of Per’La offers guests an adorable setting dappled with chic furnishings, vibrant plants, and countless culinary delicacies. Concerning the latter, this shop is the brainchild of two award-winning brands committed to the pursuit of excellence, Per’La Specialty Roasters and Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House and Glass & Vine.

Tinta Y Cafe

Listed by Michelin as one of the best Cuban restaurants in Miami, Tinta Y Cafe carries a nostalgic vibe, by way of its coastal blue walls, mid-century furniture, local art pieces, and earnestly stocked bookshelves. There’s no doubt, you’re definitely gonna want to pair your artisan java with an authentic Cuban dish, perhaps a handcrafted sandwich or deep-fried croquetas.

The Cafe at Books & Books

After perusing through row upon row of books stacked high to the ceiling, feel free to cozy up with your latest literary adventure and a cappuccino at The Cafe at Books and Books. Between the enchanting indoor atmosphere and the tranquil, shaded, and plant-speckled outdoor patio, some may journey to wager, there’s not a bad seat on the grounds. Come to think of it, what a venue for an easy-going yet romantic date, should the conversation effortlessly flow from one topic to the next and track of time be lost, they also serve fresh light fare and wine in the courtyard well into the evening.

Grou Coffee + Cowork

Patrons can count on the fact everything at Grou is locally sourced, thus a portion of any purchase will find its way back into the surrounding community. That’s whether you’re treating yourself to specialty coffee drinks, tea, pastries, desserts, or Miami’s first affogato bar (the perfect combination of ice cream and coffee). The coworking space features boutique offices for 2-3 people in the heart of Coral Gables, ideal for entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers, and professionals.

Threefold Cafe

Bringing a tried and tested concept inspired by the Melbourne cafe scene, Threefold Cafe executes breakfast and lunch fare consisting mainly of locally sourced ingredients, which rotates and changes regularly. Then there’s the coffee. Threefold loves coffee. Really good coffee. Serving traditional-sized espresso drinks, allowing the coffee flavors to speak for themselves, you won’t find any syrups or flavor additions, and you won’t need them. Add to that a selection of rotating single-origin pour-overs and cold brew, the coffee offering is solid.

Crema Gourmet Espresso Bar

Crema Gourmet attracts young professionals in need of a reliable place to work, as well as groups of friends and family coming together over a cup of delicious coffee, wine, or a flakey, hot melt in your mouth chocolate croissant. The extensive menu has everything from smoothies, salads, and fresh juice to pastries, crepes, and pancakes. Having on hand the finest coffee around, this favorite among Coral Gables coffee shops proves an exceptional spot to kick off your morning or reboot with a late afternoon pick-me-up.

Pasion Del Cielo Coffee

Pasion del Cielo provides patrons the option to choose from a wide variety of intimately sourced coffee beans from around the world and ensures each selected bean maintains its characteristic flavor, rich body, and aroma by never blending or mixing them.

Dr Smood

An organic boutique cafe, Dr Smood carefully curates a menu of performance food for mind, body, and soul. They work closely with partners to produce the highest quality products from sustainable sources, pure water, and nutrient-rich soil.


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