Top 10 Coffee Shops in Boise

A Guide to Boise Coffee Shops

Form & Function

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Near and dear to the heart of downtown, Form & Function is run by a dynamic husband and wife duo who originally got their start slinging java at local farmer’s markets. Their recently opened multi-level store is an aesthetic standout among Boise coffee shops, by way of its bright bohemian atmosphere, warm earthy tones set against minimalistic white walls, ample wooden and even granite furnishings, trendy light fixtures, high exposed ceilings, occasional touch of plant life, and necessary amenities for a productive cafe day.

From farm to cup, the folks here are keenly aware of their coffee’s journey and step in at the final stages of the cycle using roasting techniques aimed at bringing out the natural attributes in each bean.

Slow by Slow Coffee Bar

Thanks in part to the black and white honeycomb tiles, its fair amount of wooden seating set against exposed brick walls, and the unwavering vinyl collection, Slow by Slow is an undoubtedly beloved downtown gem. Considering they serve the best beans from artisan roasters throughout the country, there’s no better environment to pair your diligently sourced, handcrafted cup of morning joe with a side of throwback vintage vibes, retro decor, and groovy tunes.

The District Coffee House

Situated on the corner of 10th and Brannock, The District offers cozy BOHO feels illuminated by the warm natural sunlight flooding through their glass storefront, which is also ideal for people watching. That’s not to mention, the coffee house’s locally roasted beans (from Form & Function), pastries baked fresh in-house daily, and bomb breakfast burritos.

The bright and bubbly atmosphere carries a delightful balance of comfort, charm, and utility, making it an excellent destination for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, or solo work sessions.

Java Hyde Park

Photo by Talo P.

Hyde Park is not only the North End’s beating pulse, it also functions as a vibrant business district speckled with popular eateries and locally-owned boutiques, putting this humble blue java abode at the center of a delightful neighborhood worth exploring. One signature drink you’re sure to fall in love with is the Bowl of Soul mocha, a heavenly combination of Mexican chocolate, Blue Sky Coffee, and espresso that’s topped off with a dollop of homemade whipped cream, cinnamon & Mexican chocolate sprinkles.

Their fresh baked goods made from scratch and breakfast fare of the finest ingredients are the ultimate accomplices to any caffeinated beverage.

Neckar Coffee

Photo by Jay Rasgorshek

The gentleman who founded Neckar originally earned an education and likely hoped to practice in the field of psychology, but coffee culture changed all that, before he knew it, he was happily slinging java at a booth in the local farmers market, all the while looking forward to bringing about a cafe experience where everyone, no matter their creed, could feel welcome to gather.

A peek inside this gorgeous haunt among Boise coffee shops reveals just that: a creamy white coffee bar graced by the presence of many charging outlets, a majestic wall mural portraying two American kestrels interacting mid-flight (illustrated by Jay Rasgorshek), and an ample array of comfortable seating arrangements. More pointedly, western-style meets cozily procured sophistication in a splendid crossover that devoted java connoisseurs and remote workers alike can appreciate.

Flying M Coffee House

Located on the corner of 5th and Idaho in downtown, Flying M is cherished in the surrounding community for its quirky furnishings, eclectic crowd, high-quality coffee, and unique Gift Shack. They’ve been voted Best of Boise in the Boise Weekly for over a decade!

After purchasing a purple Diedrich 12-kilo drum roaster in 1995, the folks who started this haunt began consciously sourcing and roasting their own beans. To this day, they utilize the Diedrich to roast signature blends (including a House Blend and Espresso Blend) in small batches with a technique aimed at highlighting the inherent character of each bean, ensuring enjoyment per every delectable sip.

Push & Pour

Technically a fixture of Garden City, though just across the river from town, Push & Pour’s interior design exists at the intersection of alt. rock and pretty, a visually pleasing observation supported by hot neon pink signage, wall doodles that could duel as indie album covers, an abundance of plant life, a garage door that when pulled open graces guests with warm sun rays, and oh yeah, the occasional full-blown concerts and comedy shows their known to host!

As your study session comes to an end and the later hours begin to encroach, consider snagging a seat on the patio, calling a friend, and ordering a glass of crisp craft beer or fine wine, after all, such a choice is so fortuitously available here.

Caffeina Roasting Company

Photo by Jessica T.

Caffeina is a small-batch coffee roaster developing terrific flavor profiles thanks to its unique approach of blending new and traditional roasting and brewing methods. The shop also maintains a tantalizing selection of craft beers, so don’t be surprised if you let a conversation run and the warmly familiar ambiance steals your time. Whether in the mood for breakfast with coffee or mimosas this is the perfect place to relax on the weekends and unwind with friends and family.

P.S. The Kombucha is house-made.

Hyde Perk Coffee House

This cute glass storefront emits the same sort of warm, fuzzy, and alluring glow we all imagine a family-owned safe haven caught in the dead of winter to display. That being said, no matter the time of year, their seasonal drinks are superb. From February’s black and white chocolate seduced XOXO mocha to summer’s pina colada reminiscent Tropical Dream, you really can’t go wrong.

Dawson Taylor Coffee Roasters

Established in 1995, Dawson Taylor was one of the first premier coffee shops Boise came to know, practically tradition at this point, it continues treating locals, visitors, and students to meticulously roasted java, ample seating, and a well-manicured atmosphere suitable for coffee dates or power hours.

Like fine wine, coffee can provide an amazing flavor experience from fruits and berries to chocolates and beyond. It’s with this knowledge everpresent that the team here takes great pride in intentionally sourcing coffees and taking care to profile roast each and every batch.

Big City Coffee

Photo by Lico J.

This simple labor of love adorned by countless colorful vintage signs began 21 years ago in a small shop on the west end of town, before eventually moving to the Linen District in 2006. Much more than your typical cookie-cutter coffee shop, Big City serves home-style cooking featuring delicious takes on the familiar breakfast and lunch dishes we all crave as well as specializes in old-fashioned treats with a twist; think apple pie in a scone, Mexican chocolate mochas, and chocolate shortbread cookies!

Dutch Bros. Coffee

Founded in Southern Oregon in 1992 by dairy farmer brothers Dane and Travis Boersma, Dutch Bros. Coffee is the country’s largest privately held, drive-thru coffee company. For those java purists bewildered that I could include as large a chain as Dutch on this list of Boise coffee shops, please remember, they’re not very common elsewhere in the United States, so for visitors or newcomers, this energy-rich oasis in the sun will undoubtedly prove a sweet treat.

From early mornings to late nights, some heavenly beverages you may spot being served out of their pull-up window include specialty coffee drinks, smoothies, freezes, teas, and Blue Rebel energy drinks that customers can infuse with their favorite flavors.

Every cup of Dutch Bros. coffee is handcrafted – roasted by hand in the Pacific Northwest, blended by hand, and then ground and pulled by hand, ristretto-style. One more observation worth noting, their employees are relentlessly kind, attentive, and cheerful, at all times, never failing to look like they’re having the moment of their lives while on shift; super fun vibes!


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