Top 10 Coffee Shops in Big Bear

A Guide to Big Bear Coffee Shops

Moonridge Coffee Company

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A warm and cozy log cabin oasis among Big Bear coffee shops, whether set against winter clouds and flurrying cocoa powder snow or buzzing with life on a bright summer’s day, Moonridge Coffee Company embodies everything the imagination could possibly desire when searching for high-quality java in California’s mountainous timberland. Aside from steamy espresso drinks, what’s also cherished are their fresh-baked pastries and made-to-order specialty breakfast sandwiches.

Cafe Crepe

Leslie moved from France to Big Bear after marrying her fiance in late 2018. Although she practiced speech therapy back home, the fresh start prompted her to seriously consider pursuing her passion for cooking. Thus, she opened Cafe Crepe in 2019, bringing the surrounding community early morning delight in the form of authentic French crepes (sweet and savory options), gourmet organic coffee, and espresso drinks with tantalizing European flair.

Rooted in a wholesome love for the outdoors, this little blue java outpost takes numerous steps to reduce its environmental footprint, such as carefully sourcing all ingredients to ensure the freshest and healthiest dishes, offering plant-based and vegetarian options, ensuring all coffee is organic and fair-trade, responsibly reducing waste, and much more.

Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company

Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company is bar-none the best roaster in town, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better quality cup of joe anywhere else. A caveat could be, their dedication to the art of java roasting consumes most of the space in the building, therefore seating is somewhat scarce so maybe plan to grab & go. Nonetheless, being home to over 160 delicious coffee blends and a diligent cold brew process that takes 72 hours, Big Bear Coffee Roasting Company is a must-taste destination for coffee aficionados of all ilks.

The Copper Q

When the snow piles high beneath its log cabin style beams, the glass windows gracing Copper Q’s sturdy stone exterior glow with warmth like an inviting fairytale cottage caught amidst some wondrous winter wonderland. Apart from being greeted by the familiar aroma of fresh-brewed coffee, stepping inside gives way to an aesthetically brilliant assortment of trendy kitchen decor and pantry delights.

The latter includes raw, unfiltered, and locally sourced Big Bear Honey as well as all-natural Earth & Vine Jams ranging from mandarin pumpkin marmalade to apple cranberry pear chutney.

An Ran Ju Gelato & Teahouse

Nestled in the heart of the downtown village, An Ran Ju has swiftly become a locally adored gem among Big Bear coffee shops since opening nearly a decade ago. The intimately sized space also features two dozen flavors worth of authentic Italian gelato, is very much so the only Boba house at the top of this mountain, and houses over 20 exotic teas such as Lemongrass Chai, Lady Londonderry, Organic Pu Erh, and everything in between.

Frusion Juice and Coffee Bar

A crisp high-altitude morning stroll about downtown Big Bear will eventually lead pedestrians by Frusion Juice and Coffee Bar, where a cool clean atmosphere and nutritionally beneficial beverages of all sorts may be discovered! We’re talkin’ Kombucha on tap, potent wellness shots, lemon-ginger touched mountain detox juice, and Vegan-friendly smoothies like the Green Matcha! Take advantage of their exotic infusion capabilities and spice up your favorite coffee order with turmeric powder, activated charcoal, ginger-ginseng, or even CBD!

Alpine Country Coffee Shop

A family-owned and operated neighborhood treasure located just outside the main drag, but still conveniently on Highway 18, Alpine Country Coffee Shop serves great coffee alongside traditional American and authentic Mexican dishes. Each of their over 200 menu items is reasonably priced, made from scratch using the finest ingredients, and delivered by friendly servers.

The Tea and Coffee Exchange

Situated right next to Big Bear Lake, The Tea and Coffee Exchange is a perfect stop on your way to any exciting waterfront activity destinations. In addition to maintaining a full coffee bar, they have around 100 various teas and are always happy to whip up a classic cup of hot cocoa.

Grizzly Manor Cafe

Don’t forget to bring your appetite when visiting this heavily frequented country cafe. The roaring golden bear outside isn’t angry, as a matter of fact, it’s hungry, and it came to the right place because the heaping portions cooked up at Grizzly Manor are sure to satisfy. Bingo, this is the cozy abode where pancakes dwarf the radius of a human face, burritos are packed thicker than the typical arm, charming handwritten notes adorn the walls, and stickers, so many stickers, are placed anywhere a sticker could be tastefully placed throughout a restaurant.

Teddy Bear Restaurant

Photo by The Infatuation

Having been established in 1944 and run by the same caring family since 1973, the Teddy Bear Restaurant has a long, deep-rooted history in Big Bear, and for good reason, their home-style cooking features delicious takes on the familiar breakfast dishes we all crave, the soups, chilis, and machaca, are each original recipes, and since 1971, the current owner’s mother has been pouring her heart into every handcrafted pie that’s left the building.

Don’t be shy about asking for your breakfast exactly how ya want it, as a number of Teddy Bear’s regular customers have come up with their own personal meals – some of which, were so good they decided to add them to the menu.


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