Top 10 Coffee Shops in Beverly Hills

A Guide to Beverly Hills Coffee Shops

Alfred Coffee

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Near and dear to the heart of Los Angeles, Alfred was a first among third-wave cafes to place an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience. Thus, epitomizing the best Beverly Hills coffee shops have to offer, the Beverly Drive location is no exception to this rule, offering aesthetically inclined patrons a photo op per every beautified corner – there’s the budding red floral ceiling paper, powder-white tiled walls adorned by bright green neon signage reading “but first, coffee,” hardwood floors, and an exposed brick surface on one end.

The picturesque decor serves as an accomplice to daringly innovative, rewardingly delicious coffee beverages and a scrumptious selection of bagel sandwiches, croissants, and gluten-free blueberry muffins.

Urth Caffe

As another dreamy cotton candy sunset gives way to the starry night sky, you’ll know you’ve arrived at Urth Caffe upon sighting the cute little brick cottage surrounded by an outdoor patio packed with fellow Angelinos and fitted with white-paned windows exuding a certain warm familiar glow that people can’t help but gravitate toward like kiddish flys who just arrived grandma’s house.

Urth Caffé began as Jilla and Shallom Berkman’s aspiration over 30 years ago. In 1989, they met a passionate Peruvian coffee farmer named Jorge who produced organic, heirloom coffee, which is derived from heirloom coffee trees – a plant species that has never been genetically modified. Since opening their first java house together, the Berkman’s have prioritized serving fresh, responsibly grown coffee amidst an inclusive and charming upscale environment.

Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co.

Photo by Citizine

Aharon Vaknin grew up in the service industry, helping and working alongside his parents as they ran busy independent hotel restaurants, and whilst steeped in this hospitality-driven environment, he made his first Turkish coffee for an uncle at age 8!

As a young adult, he fell in love with the cafes of Paris. Later, researching more about coffee extraction, brewing methods, grinding methods, and coffee origins, only naturally, he began to dream of roasting his own coffee in the pursuit of discovering the most delicious flavor possible from each individual java bean.

With Aharon Coffee & Roasting Co, that vision has become a reality. Having earned his Q Grader Certification, Aharon now gets to share the joy of coffee with all who walk through the door, in every tasty cup and meticulously roasted bag of beans.


We’re not quite sure if “Comoncy” is even a real word, but it most certainly means something to the folks who frequent this cafe, as a matter of fact, it can be defined as the act of coming together to share the common sense treasures we human beings love most – good food, good coffee, and good company.

Comoncy opened its first orange and copper-tinged cafe in Beverly Hills in 2014, and has expanded to five locations throughout Los Angeles and Phoenix since then. Each of their coffee shops provides a place for neighborhoods to gather and enjoy organic third-wave coffee beverages as well as healthy, New American-style breakfast and lunch made with tender care using locally sourced ingredients.

Mondo Coffee

A European-style cafe, Mondo Coffee is perhaps most accentuated by a colorful assortment of single-serve drip coffee packages, the great big fanciful chandelier hanging from its high ceiling, and comfy coffee-bean-brown suede seating. That’s not to mention the touches of ritzy white marble, massive mirrors adorning each side of the space, and world-class java being served by the crafty mug.

Mondo, a family-owned coffee roasting company, got started in 1998 by CEO and Founder Alexander – who lived in Italy for some time and was originally inspired by espresso culture.

La Colombe Coffee Roasters

La Colombe is a cafe born from the heart of Philadelphia, where grit, determination, creativity, and innovation have driven them to grow and share with communities beyond the city of brotherly love. Whether it’s to grab a cup of coffee on your morning route, or to sit, collaborate, and commune in an inviting atmosphere underscored by warm wooden tones, this spacious coffee house is here to outfit you with the right tools to go out, get it done, and change the world for good.

The Fountain Coffee Room

Nestled deep within the Beverly Hills Hotel, the iconic diner has been serving Hollywood stars since 1949 and you just never quite know who you may find yourself eating a slice of apple pie next to. After all, Marilyn Monroe was romanced here and Guns N’ Roses were signed at this very curved bar top.

Whether coming in for a taste of the high life, their famous silver dollar pancakes fresh off the griddle, a glass of California orange juice squeezed before your eyes, elaborate cake slices, or an exceptional cup of joe, The Fountain Coffee Room has got you covered.

Coffee Commissary

Born and blossoming in Los Angeles, Coffee Commissary has been serving Angelinos the finest coffees mankind can roast for over ten years. This java outpost occupies quaint boutique-style quarters adorned by neon pink signage at Beverly Center; expect the usual dining experience associated with a California shopping mall’s bustling food court area.

Paired brilliantly beside their premier coffee is an array of health-conscious pastries, which include gluten-free flourless chocolate cake, vegan chocolate chip cookies, and more scrumptious seasonal loaves.

Blue Bottle Coffee

Around the early 2000s, in Northern California, a slightly disaffected freelance musician and coffee lunatic, weary of the commercial coffee enterprise and stale, overly roasted beans, decided to open a roaster for people who were clamoring for the actual taste of fresh coffee. His humble vision has since blossomed into a network of cafes across the United States, Japan, and Korea, of course, the location most relevant to us is that professional operation among beloved Beverly Hills coffee shops.

There, embodying an upscale collaborative workspace, this multi-story venue serves both its community of artisans and innovators, and everyone else who happens to meander on by; being in such close proximity to Hollywood always guarantees an intellectually diverse array of characters.

Brighton Coffee Shop

Having served this community since 1930, Brighton is a beloved breakfast institution among Beverly Hills coffee shops. Not only are you sure to find delectable french toasts and expediently made-to-order breakfast sandwiches ideal for a brief stop, but the historic joint also dishes out some exceptional Korean specialties – all at a reasonable price!


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