Top 10 Classiest Bars in Sacramento

Let’s Get Classy

Revival at the Sawyer

When mesmerized by the shimmering Sacramento skyline, one may catch a subtle glimmer atop the Kimpton Sawyer Hotel. There, perched high above the rest is a bar riddled with plush seating and all the makings of an upscale cosmopolitan oasis. Looking to book a professional gathering or private event? Be sure to ask them about the exclusive rooftop pool option.

MIX Downtown

Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento, MIX is certainly one of the more lively upscale bars on our list. Sexy, sophisticated, and rich are a few words that come to mind when daydreaming about the interior of this plush lounge. Providing an escape valve of sorts from the craziness of their raging dance floor, there’s the exterior, an intimate dimly-lit rooftop patio bar accompanied by fire pits.

The Cabin

Your multi-millionaire parents say you can throw a party at their retro-infused cabin nestled amongst towering redwoods in the glorious Sierra Nevada mountain range. Not about the long road trip or suffer from a lack of wealthy parents? No worries, The Cabin in Sacramento will fulfill any city-dwellers craving for a sumptuous retreat into the backwoods. Stay cozy, order a Gimmie S’more.

Beast and Bounty

Straight out of the cover of a lifestyle magazine, Beast and Bounty affords patrons the opportunity to enjoy a refreshing beverage while basking in aesthetic beauty. Yes, this is the ultimate Instagram post-worthy brunch spot in the area – truly a haven for connoisseurs of all things pretty. In addition, their good vibes menu helps mend communities at odds as they aspire to bring “the Meat-eater and Vegetarian together.”

Bottle & Barlow

The image above isn’t an accident, as a matter of fact, one of the swankiest bars in Sacramento shares space with a barbershop. Bottle & Barlow forces a person to reconsider every hair cut they’ve ever gotten; the combination of timeless craft cocktails, that classic barbershop chatter, and the acquisition of a clean fade is a form of melodic harmony all too unfamiliar in our modern world. No need to be in a rush here, you’ll be happy to take a seat and wait.

Drake’s: The Barn

Drake’s BARN is located along the river in West Sacramento’s Bridge District. Kick back, relax, and soak in those California sun rays while putting down some of the golden state’s most iconic beer. In its totality, the two-acre landmark location includes the PizzaSmith restaurant, YO?LO! Food Truck, a 400 seat beer garden, outdoor bar, and fire pits. Not to mention, they put together rockin outdoor concerts every now and then.

Citizen Hotel – The Grange

Set in the political heart of Sacramento, the Citizen Hotel is housed in the illustrious California Life Insurence building, one of the state’s first skyscrapers, built in 1925. Meander up to the roof for a stunning view of the world’s fifth-largest economy’s capital. Not before grabbing a bite to eat at the restaurant, of course, featuring seasonal menus with farm-fresh ingredients, keep in mind that The Grange is also one of the best places to eat in town.

Tower Bridge Bistro

Located within Embassy Suites, Tower Bridge Bistro’s prime real estate gives guests an unrivaled view of Sacramento’s signature skyline fixture, none other than, the Tower Bridge. It’s not all about location here, their dinner menu is exquisite, the decor is gleaming, and you may discover a hidden gem from the rolling hills of nearby Napa County on their wine list. Set alongside a swiftly flowing river, warm summer evenings beneath the twinkling stars should always feel this good.

River City Saloon

Calling the River City Saloon classy is a bit of a stretch, however, what it lacks in immaculate decor, it wholly makes up for with its authentic wild west history. The place has been a legendary cowboy watering hole since 1861 – dangerously unruly at times, many stories of people being Shanghaied and taken out to sea have been heard.

Keeping up with their notorious habits, only naturally were they a constant target for police raids during prohibition. Having been remodeled in 2007, it’s important to keep bastions of history and debauchery like this alive for the next generation. Trade the nice button-up for a flannel, throw some spurs on those boots, and do like our ancestors did over a century ago – get in there and grab a beer.

Ella Dining Room & Bar

The Selland family has been procuring quite the repertoire of dashing dining experiences for the past 20 years. They emphasize a form to fork mentality, making use of Sacramento’s proximity to California’s agricultural region – what is commonly referred to as the Central Valley. Floor to ceiling glass windows, close proximity to all of downtown’s main attractions, and a certainly classy atmosphere make Ella’s a winner on any given night.