Top 10 Classiest Bars in Palm Springs

Let’s Get Classy Palm Springs!

Counter Reformation

Tucked away beyond the Parker hotel lobby’s back door and down a discreet path guarded by towering hedges on each side stands a sacred temple dedicated to opulent vinification. Designed by Jonathan Adler, the intimate space is accentuated by a hammered metal ceiling, vibrant Rosé red tile, and at the far end is an antique confessional arranged ahead of time for any excessive self-indulgence that may take place. Bar seating and ledge-leaning is the rule of thumb at Counter Reformation as, night after night, regulars crowd the bar top longing for their vin rouge.

Truss & Twine

Dripping in unbridled desert decadence, Truss & Twine emits a fortuitous sophistication that has yet to be matched in the Coachella Valley. Featuring a cocktail menu that boasts only the greatest libations from generations past, guests are encouraged to savor the tastes of a Golden Age, Prohibition, the post-war TIKI boom, or an original future-focused Game Changer. Don’t miss out on their locally sourced desert-inspired fare either; exotic delicacies such as Rabbit Bratwurst and Wagyu Oxtail Grilled Cheese’s can be difficult to come by in these bone-dry parts.


On the far side of Mr. Lyon’s Steakhouse, through an unassuming curtain, is this hidden Palm Springs gem complete with dimly lit plush decor from a time too long forgotten. Watched over by the remnants of restaurants past, Seymour’s serves swanky craft cocktails alongside charming personality and a dusky romantic atmosphere. Little Owl in hand, be sure to sneak outside for some fresh air on the patio – a warm summer night’s game of horseshoes or bocce ball beneath the celestial heavens is always in the cards.

The Amigo Room

Housed within what was once your everyday Denny’s restaurant, King’s Highway celebrates the ineffable, bohemian spirit of the wide open West. This retro-infused diner host’s a cavernous lounge entrenched in cool vibes that, on a reportedly regular occasion, gets illuminated by the magic of vibrant Karaoke stars. Their inspired craft beverages, made with fresh juices, local spirits, and bright flavors also pair well poolside at the adjacent Ace Hotel.

Escena Lounge & Grill

There’s no questioning that stunning million dollar fairway views of the sunset dancing along majestic mountain peaks are a main attraction at the Escena Lounge & Grill. Encompassing what can be revered as Palm Springs’ most upscale architectural sprawl, lavish decor, a never-ending circular bar, and water flowing in the gracious pond below help perpetuate this immaculate reputation. As delightful as dusk may be, dawn is quickly followed by a barrage of fine brunch mimosas, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, and powder rich french toast.

High Bar

Perched above town, with sprawling views of the surrounding landscape and a color palette of blues, grays, whites and warm wood tones, is this marvelous rooftop oasis for the ages. Considering the pool lounge sits atop, and is operated by, the Rowan Hotel, it open’s to the public after 5:00 pm on a daily basis – providing just enough time to glow in that perfect golden hour glimmer. Bottom line, whether you’d like to go for a cooling dip in the desert heat, lay out and catch some sun rays, or experience the finest bikini vibes Palm Springs has to offer, there’s always a high-life adventure waiting for you up here.

Purple Palm Restaurant

What used to be an exclusive hideout for glamorous prohibition-era bootleggers, gangsters, and mob bosses found a second life as one of the trendiest interior design masterpieces in the Coachella Valley; it’s no wonder Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and Rita Hayworth were known to stop by for a refreshing cocktail or two. Meander outside on any given evening to discover a moonlit pool shimmering to the romantic strums of mother nature’s heartstrings – they’ve set the stage, all that’s left to do is get swept away in your own gilded Hollywood fairytale.

Mini Bar

Mini Bar is what happens when you take the ritzy swagger of Jay Gatsby and manifest it into a single splendid room the size of a precious jewelry box. Taking into account that there are only a few coveted seats available, if need be, feel free to stroll into Parker’s spacious lobby lounge for plush chesterfield’s, retro feels, and a cozy suspended fireplace. In all honesty, the grounds of this fabulous hotel are absolutely worth a stop and gander to appreciate, they’re considered a cherished cornerstone to Palm Springs’ most recent wave of revitalization.

Chi Chi

The aesthetic beauty of Chi Chi sparkles in the occasional gold, silver, and copper dappled across the luxe white atmosphere. Tables are decorated with vibrant dishes belonging to chef Jason Moffitt’s savored rendition of New California fare, and in this lively ambiance, they prefer to add rum to their coconuts. Outdoor seating is available for those excited to enjoy the laughter of loved ones beside a charming little pool, and of course, beneath a fateful arrangement of constellations.

Melvyn’s Restaurant & Lounge

Whenever Frank Sinatra came to town, he made a religious habit of dining in corner booth #53 at Melvyn’s Restaurant & Lounge. While legendary Tinseltown icons no longer regularly arrive in limousines with sexy young women wearing stilettos hanging from each arm, the elegant rat pack fervor persists. Live music performed by local musicians fills the air nearly every evening as lavish chandeliers continue to light storied chambers, and if one thing’s for sure about this joint, the best is yet to come.