Top 10 Classiest Bars in Napa County

Let’s Get Classy!

Bounty Hunter

Located in the heart of downtown Napa and housed in a building that dates back to the 1880s, Bounty Hunter grills some of the best BBQ north of the bay in upscale old-west fashion. Having been voted “Best Wine Bar in Napa Valley” five years straight, the world’s cab capital may not offer a better atmosphere to enjoy a glass – or bottle for that matter. If looking to take a break from all the wine, Bounty Hunter also features some of the world’s rarest spirits, about 40 American whiskeys, or you can always order a classic draft beer as Napa winemakers tend to do when hobnobbing in this timeless house of libations.

Charlie Palmer Steak

Celebrity Chef Charlie Palmer operates only five restaurants that share his very own name; fittingly, one is located in Napa. These bastions of culinary excellence feature unbridled decadence, a sophisticated ambiance, and maybe more importantly, some of the finest liquor and wine available to man.

Mustards Grill

Mustards Grill was named for the wild mustard flowers that bloom in the vineyards every spring, which help to nourish the soil. Serving a sophisticated spin on honest American fare, the radiant innards of this outpost beyond the outskirts of town are frequented by executive chefs, long-haul truckers, and winemakers alike. Oh, and they are well aware of their reputation as the fancy rib joint with way too many wines; as a matter of fact, help them get rid of a few by washing down that world-class meal with a glass of the valley’s finest.

Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar

Perched above town is Sky & Vine Rooftop Bar, this oasis in the heavens offers sweeping views of some of the most gorgeous peaks and valleys mother nature ever laid her touch upon. Just imagine it, being kept warm by the crackling glow of a fire pit, surrounded by loved ones, wine glass in hand, sun nearly set in the background – leaving that red-orangish hint of a horizon luminescence glued to the distant mountaintops, and there you are, caught up in the majesty of it all; what a memory to reflect upon.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

Following the American Civil War, President Ulysses S. Grant signed a land patent granting 640-acres to Civil War veteran E.J. Church; this property would later become what is now known as Long Meadow Ranch. Early on, the land thrived with vineyards, apple orchards, olive groves, hay, and a goat milk dairy operation until about prohibition. Those successive years brought on decay and vacancy, that is until 1989, when the Hall family purchased the property.

Bent on restoring the ranch to its former glory, the Hall’s cut back the abandoned olive trees and replanted vineyards and apple orchards as you see them growing today. Beyond re-establishing a vibrant agricultural tradition, they also constructed a picture perfect farmhouse restaurant + bar, outdoor garden cafe, and general store. Needless to say, the ground’s scenery and amenities are absolutely breathtaking.

Goose & Gander

Tracing the properties roots back to 1923, opera singer Walter Martini built the Craftsman-style escape as the home for he and his wife, Dionisia. As strict prohibition laws began taking hold, Walter went on a business foray into bootlegging wine & whiskey – remnants of said operation have been found in the home’s cellar.

When current owners Andy and Trisha got their hands on the beautiful grounds, they wasted no time reinventing the property into a welcoming, lively public house where locals and visitors could enjoy the warm ambiance and world-class food, cocktails and wine. Descending into Goose and Gander’s basement will bring into view the most illustrious speak-easy-esque lounge that Napa Valley has to offer.


This locals’ favorite is where you’ll find area vintners congregating after hours for classy craft cocktails, loved ones unwinding over immaculate dishes, and couples letting time slip away under the glow of a 20-foot fire pit. Relax on their sun-dappled terrace beneath fruitless mulberry trees, or head inside, where this Napa barn-meets-San Francisco loft, and get caught up near the sliding glass doors that open onto panoramic views of the glorious Palisades Mountains.

Mercantile Social

Enjoy hand-crafted cocktails mixed with local spirits and some of the best boutique wines in Napa Valley. This botanical sanctuary in the sky is accentuated by plush seating, a crackling firepit, and beautiful terrace views overlooking the streets of downtown.

FARM at Carneros

Responsibly sourced farm to fork New American fare makes up only the tip of the ice burg at this breezy eatery. The building’s marvelous architecture is highlighted by a living room-style alfresco lounge, dramatic lighting, and a cathedral ceiling. All the fancy shmancy talk put aside, we know some of you are really eyeing that perfect grass lawn there, and to answer your question, yes, they do set up cornhole for the boys!

Oxbow Cheese & Wine Merchant

While strolling along the streets of historic downtown Napa, be sure to pop into the famous Oxbow Market for a more local wine tasting experience. Their expert cheesemongers have preselected the finest pairings for a menu that boasts a boutique assortment of wines from artisanal producers in the county. After getting your fill, surely you won’t forget about the wonderful chocolate shop that calls this market home too; while there, it’s also a great opportunity to gather picnic essentials for that picturesque date amongst the endless vineyard wrapped rolling hills of wine country.