Benjamin Franklin: How A Teenage Runaway Discovered The American Dream


At 17 years old, Benjamin Franklin saw no path forward but to start his life over. After sneaking on board a ship destined for New York, in just three days, he found himself nearly 300 miles from home, without the least recommendation to, or knowledge of any person in the place, and with very little money in his pocket.

That penniless teenager who fled Boston ultimately grew up and became a successful printer, one of the leading intellectuals of his time, a founding father of the United States of America, and a scientific genius celebrated for his discoveries and theories in the realm of electricity. Not to mention, he made a great deal of money along the way. In the e-book Benjamin Franklin: How A Teenage Runaway Discovered The American Dream, Nicholas Dunehew explores the underlying principles that enabled a lonely young man far from home to attain financial prosperity.

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