Top 5 Coffee Shops in La Habra, California

A Guide to La Habra Coffee Shops

Tierra Mia Coffee

la habra coffee shops

Near and dear to the heart of town, Tierra Mia is one of the most aesthetically gifted coffee shops in La Habra, given its warm earthy tones set against minimalistic white walls, Latin flare, live edge wooden tabletops, patterned-tile floors, touches of greenery, natural sunlight, tantalizing aroma of gourmet java, and convenient drive through.

The attention to detail that has gone into designing this adorable abode with a delightful balance of charm and utility makes it an easy go-to for daytime meetings with colleagues, long overdue coffee dates, and solo study sessions.

Rabbit & Bean

Conveniently located on Imperial Highway, Rabbit & Bean offers guests a dreamy atmosphere underscored by minimalistic white walls, cherry wood accents, well-nourished plants, and amenities for a productive day. The picturesque decor serves as an accomplice to thoughtfully crafted, rewardingly delicious seasonal beverages like the yuzu matcha tonic and cocoa-hinted mexican chai.

Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders

If you truly love and appreciate the art of java, search no further than Bodhi Leaf, which has been a center for coffee culture in Southern California for over a decade and is passionate about roasting the world’s finest beans in-house.

Furthermore, they’ve got a rustic lounge area complete with comfortable orange armchairs, crafty wooden tabletops, vibrant plants, and accommodations for remote work.

Ground Up Water & Coffee

la habra coffee shops

Nestled in an unassuming strip mall on Harbor Boulevard, Ground Up was started by two brothers committed to providing the surrounding community premium filtered, alkaline & ionized water.

Shortly after opening, they decided to expand the store and make room for another passion: coffee.

With that being said, what this cute little hole-in-the-wall gem among La Habra coffee shops may lack in size, it more than makes up for with wholesome hospitality, bomb cajun breakfast burritos, and last but certainly not least, excellent coffee drinks.

AT230 Cars and Coffee

la habra coffee shops

For years, car guys and girls have waited for a place of their own where they can sit and enjoy a premium cup of fresh brewed coffee while the sound of an impact wrench and the smell of burning rubber and engine oil fill the air.

A place where like-minded people come together to share their stories of street races, car mods, and roadside repairs.

If this sounds like your idea of a perfect weekend, your wait is over. Introducing AT230, the only cars and coffee modification shop specializing in the installation of air suspension systems and other aftermarket parts and accessories.

Paris Baguette

Situated on the bustling corner of Imperial Highway and Beach Boulevard, Paris Baguette is an international bakery that specializes in French-inspired goods.

Whether you’d like to settle into a cozy corner and appreciate the company of loved ones over a steamy cup of joe or grab a sweet treat for that special somebody on your way home, whatever the case may be, they’ve got you covered.


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