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15 Technical Indicators That Every Day Trader Should Know

Technical Indicators In the realm of technical analysis in finance, a technical indicator refers to a mathematical calculation or pattern signal based on the historic price, volume, or open interest of a security or contract that attempts to forecast financial market direction. When it comes

How Ricky Gutierrez Made 6 Figures Day Trading AMC

The Viral Ballad of AMC Stock Up Nearly 3,000% YTD For the purposes of establishing a case study in regards to the modern viral volatility some stocks are being influenced by, let’s analyze how day trader Ricky Gutierrez rode the ominously bobbing AMC wave early

The Benefits of Day Trading on Robinhood

Robinhood Day Trading The Benefits For those who are hoping to engage in day trading on Robinhood, it is possible, by a technicality. While most veteran day traders tend to use alternative brokers, the Robinhood application does provide a number of unique benefits to beginners,

Day Trading Rules That Beginners Should Know

Day Trading Rules Legal Boundaries There are endless rules and regulations surrounding transactions that take place up and down Wall Street every day, and the one you should be most concerned with, as a day trading beginner, regards having an account minimum of $25,000. CNBC

Top 5 Stock Trading Chat Rooms

Day Trading Communities So you’re ready to give up your nine to five job and start day trading from a balcony overlooking the Champ de Mars in Paris, France. The only problem is, you don’t quite know where to start, and the more you learn