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20 Inspirational Books That Jeff Bezos Recommends Reading

Jeff Bezos Book Recommendations For many reasons, self-made billionaire Jeff Bezos and books simply go hand in hand. To begin with, he catapulted his way to becoming the richest man on Earth after founding what started as an online bookstore named Amazon. Researching the origins

Top 7 Coffee Shops in Westwood, Near UCLA

A Guide to Westwood Coffee Shops Alfred Coffee Originally founded on Melrose Place, near the heart of West Hollywood, Alfred was a first among third-wave cafes to place an instagrammable emphasis on customer experience. Their Westwood coffee shop is no exception, offering aesthetically inclined patrons

Lockheed Martin CEO: Jim Taiclet Biography

Jim Taiclet Lockheed Martin CEO At about the age of thirty, Lockheed Martin CEO Jim Taiclet was a far cry from the pampered executive suite he currently occupies at the company’s headquarters in Bethesda Maryland, rather, this courageous young airman was operating the cockpit of

Top 20 Coffee Shops in San Diego County

A Guide to San Diego Coffee Shops Better Buzz Coffee – Hillcrest Better Buzz Coffee experienced humble beginnings when first opening as a small coffee cart in 2002, since then, they have opened twelve jaw-droppingly beautiful San Diego coffee shops that locals and tourists alike

State Farm CEO: Michael Tipsord Biography

Michael Tipsord State Farm CEO Born in 1959, sitting State Farm CEO Michael Tipsord was raised among the rural pastures of central Illinois, in a tiny village named Cooksville; for reference, the most recent United States census counted 171 humans living there. Nonetheless, Tipsord is

The Home Depot CEO: Craig Menear Biography

Craig Menear The Home Depot CEO Long before he got named The Home Depot CEO, Craig Menear was born in 1958 and raised among the bustling automobile manufacturing factories of Flint Michigan, a blue-collar town that once boasted some nine General Motors (GM) plants. His

Top 10 Coffee Shops in Riverside

A Guide to Riverside Coffee Shops Back to the Grind Since originally opening decades ago, in 1996, Back to the Grind has consistently established itself as the undisputed, vibrantly decorated center of creative culture among Riverside coffee shops. The five thousand square foot downtown building

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Sherman Oaks

A Guide to Sherman Oaks Coffee Shops M Street Coffee A locally beloved, family-owned gem among Sherman Oaks coffee shops, M Street Coffee pours freshly roasted organic java in a cozy ambiance accentuated by artwork crafted through the forming hands of neighborhood creatives. Although it