About Brooksy Society

Brooksy Society is an online publication dedicated to sharing stories from the coffee industry. Since going live, the Brooksy Society website has garnered over 1 million pageviews and 750,000 users – 84% of whom are located in the United States.

Encyclopedia Britannica, Investopedia, InvestorPlace, Bisnow, Tech Times, Grunge, TheRichest, New York Times bestselling authors, and numerous Wikipedia pages have cited articles published on Brooksy Society.

In 2023, our founder Nick Dunehew was featured as an expert on two History Channel television shows, each time accompanied by the title “Entrepreneur Historian.”

After stumbling upon Brooksy Society’s biographies of entrepreneurs, producers for the hit television series The Food That Built America offered him the opportunity to be featured in the episode When Food Freezes Over. He also made an appearance on the nationally televised sister show The Mega-Brands That Built America, in the episode Battle of the Superstores.

Brooksy Society generates revenue through display advertising and affiliate marketing, as well as by providing writing services.