Top 10 Coffee Shops in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona Coffee House Guide

Creekside Coffee

The outdoor patio at Creekside Coffee overlooks some of the most beautiful red rock scenery that Sedona, Arizona has to offer. Owned by Rattle & Hum Coffee Roasters, the team here is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality java beans from around the world, with each shipment cupped upon its arrival from origin to ensure they are of the highest standard. Breakfast options are available as well, whether you’re a loyal avocado toast savant or are looking to discover something new – such as their unique specialty, the Aussie Style Meat Pie – you can rest assured that your dish will be made with the utmost quality in mind.

For those who meander on in a little later in the day, wine tastings are available!

Oak Creek Espresso

Oak Creek Espresso is a well-manicured cafe, complemented by wholesome vibes, that roasts and then serves premium small batches of responsibly sourced coffee. Utilizing a more traditional roasting technique gives them the coveted opportunity to push the limits of available flavor and clarity in each piping hot mug. In addition to artisan joe topped with a creamy heart, you can also bask in the culinary glory of their house-made chai, local loose leaf teas, delicious fresh-baked pastries, and on a hot day, rich Spuds ice cream.


Theia’s is a cozy cafe located in Uptown, Sedona that serves freshly roasted java delivered weekly from Late for the Train Coffee & Roastery in nearby Flagstaff. They also specialize in espresso drinks, loose-leaf teas, Italian sodas, real fruit smoothies, protein shakes, and fresh pastries from NY Bakery and Deli, a neighboring eatery. Seasonal artworks handcrafted by local artists adorn the walls and there’s this subtle stage in the corner that from time to time hosts live acoustic performances.

Pink Java Cafe

Founded in 1960, Pink Jeep Tours has been providing the most talked about off-road adventures in the American Southwest for decades. Not only is their headquarters located in Sedona, but so is their one of a kind Pink Java Cafe, which features a wrap-around outdoor patio complete with breathtaking red-rock views. While carefully selected organic coffee is brewed daily with state of the art equipment, the place also features delicious sandwiches, a variety of freshly baked danish, muffins, pastries, and an assortment of tasteful desserts.

Coffee Pot Restaurant

Named after the famous Coffee Pot Rock Formation, this Sedona restaurant features an old Hollywood history that dates back to the 1950s. Due to its stunning desert landscape, Red Rock Country was a prime filming location for Spaghetti Westerns and commercials featuring the “Old West.” Therefore, in between countless cinematic scenes, many Tinseltown stars, including Elvis Presley, frequented the restaurant to refuel for their next golden age take. He, in fact, is personally responsible for creating the Omelette # 101 which is filled with peanut butter, jelly, and banana – breakfast fit for a KING!

Aside from world-class omelettes served all day, they offer fantastic Mexican fare – a regional favorite – that can be deliciously paired with locally roasted Colombian coffee. Closer to modern times than the high flying days of John Wayne’s zenith, Coffee Pot has recently been fawned over by a flurry of national media outlets, including and not limited to, the NY Times, LA Times, Phoenix Magazine, Food Network, Travel Channel, ABC News, and Insider. Quite remarkably, they have been awarded “Best Breakfast” and “Best Overall Bargain” year after year by their surrounding community.

Oh, and yes, there is a full bar with beer, wine, and cocktails – you’re welcome.


You might never run into a better donut shop in your life. Within Sedona’s early morning dessert sanctuary, one can find the Chocolate Oreo, a chocolate cake donut dipped in vanilla frosting and topped with broken oreo pieces over drizzled Oreo filling. Then, there’s the appropriately named, Glazed Red Rock, a red velvet cake donut dipped in frosty glaze. Before making your way over to this brick fronted pastry oasis, keep in mind, they are only open until about 1: 30 pm – and that’s if they don’t sell out before.


Synergy is an organic coffee cafe, herbal elixir bar, chocolate shop, and apothecary all beautifully wrapped into a single wonderous bastion of excellence. A glance about the room will reveal their ominous velvet-victorian chesterfield pressed up against a textured charcoal wall, old-timey wooden floorboards below, and patterned wallpaper perfect for any 19th century wild west saloon, needless to say, this place emits quite the cosmic kind of energy. Truth be told, vibes are always high here, maybe it has something to do with the soothing CBD oils they sell, but more than likely, it’s probably related to their mind-altering herbal elixirs and love tonics.

Mago Cafe

Located towards uptown Sedona, Mago cafe offers a splendid cup of organic coffee, but for those interested in what could be considered an adventurous choice of beverage, they also have in their possession, local kombucha on tap. Kombucha is a refreshing fermented tea that’s carbonated and has been consumed for thousands of years; what really makes the stuff rejuvenating is its abundance of probiotics, amino acids, and B vitamins. A few other alternative libations they concoct that could put a jump in your spirits include Hwangchil Longevity Tea, known for its powerful healing properties and used by royal families for thousands of years in Korea, Japan and China, and Detox Healing Tea, which helps eliminate toxins that accumulate or form in the body in the process of breathing or consuming food.

If the magical beverages don’t work, try out an Aura or Chakra reading, where they figure out what’s influencing your current conditions. And when all else fails, sign up for a Belly Button Healing (we’ll let you explore their website to learn what that one is).

Wildflower Bread Company

The overall atmosphere in each Wildflower restaurant is warm, comfortable, fresh, and contemporary, however, the main reason you are going to the store at 101 N Highway 89A, Sedona, AZ is for their outrageously awesome patio view. So don’t miss out on a chance to appreciate all the grandeur of Red Rock country, not even at breakfast, when here it’s possible to soak in breathtaking panoramas while also chowing down on a breakfast sandwich that puts Panera to shame.


L’espressino is a family-owned, cute hole in the wall organic coffee shop in Sedona’s uptown mall.