Top 5 Coffee Shops in Gilbert, Arizona

Gilbert Coffee House Guide

Higher Grounds Roastery & Cafe

You can’t go wrong at Higher Grounds Roastery & Cafe, a casual, industrial-chic venue offering house-roasted coffee, pastries & sandwiches. Dianna Cameron loved to bake at her grandmother’s house, grew up working in her parent’s deli, and eventually went back to school to earn a degree in restaurant management. Following graduation, she was ready to open up her own bastion of culinary excellence, and upon consulting her children, decided that a coffee shop dedicated to serving authentic food, heavenly baked goods, and delicious joe to the average joe was exactly what Gilbert needed. Ever since the locally owned doors to HG first opened, the place has been cherished as a beloved neighborhood gem.

The Coffee Shop

Nestled within the beautiful, lush community of Agritopia, The Coffee Shop is an adorably renovated maintenance garage sitting in the middle of a massive working farm. Owner and tatted fashionista, Jessica Flowers Cuff, fairly recently won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” where she dominated the competition with a cupcake that contained actual tobacco – now that’s pure God-given talent! Therefore, it comes as no surprise, her shop is not only known for exceptional coffee but also scrumptious baked delicacies such as cupcakes, whoopies, scones, muffins, pies, & cake. Oh, don’t forget to enjoy your goodies out on their shaded terrace, surrounded by a lovely rose garden.

Mythical Coffee

Having opened days before the year 2019 ended, pandemic or not, Mythical Coffee is carving out a name for itself amongst Gilbert’s most esteemed caffeine strongholds. Their ultra-modern minimalistic interior features all-white walls dappled with the occasional splash of color emanating from a purposefully placed shrub, their glowing-red neon signage, or, of course, the simple, yet glorious menu. Maybe this design is meant to accentuate what really matters, loved ones alongside a crafty heart-warming mug of freshly roasted joe topped with creamy latte art.

Bergies Coffee Roast House

Just steps from downtown Gilbert, otherwise known as the Historic Heritage District, Bergies Coffee Roast House resides within what was once a homesteader’s cottage. However warm and cozy the nook may be, most people come here to enjoy a breath of fresh air beneath their shaded garden oasis that twinkles with all sorts of funky furnishings, vibrant pots, and cheerful decorations. If you’ve ever read or seen J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, you have found the Hobbit’s Shire, complete with live folk bands too, now get on over and bask in everlasting tranquility.

Sweetz Cold Brew Coffee Co.

Emily, aka Sweetz, started Arizona’s only cold brew-centric coffee shop out of her family’s garage after her hubby was told by his doctor that he couldn’t consume coffee due to his severe acid reflux. Following the diagnosis, she discovered several noteworthy benefits of drinking cold-brew, such as 67% less acid, higher caffeine and antioxidants, and the cherry on top, it was amazingly smooth. A mom of nine children and real estate flipper, nothing was going to get in the way of her concocting the perfect elixir.

As word caught on, folks from all over the neighborhood began knocking on their home’s door for delicious cold brew – after so many people, it came time to open up an actual location. Rather effortlessly, Sweetz infused bold colors with pomp & circumstance, and in the process brought to fruition her own sumptuous wonderland of chilled libations.