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Monthly Archives: January 2020

B.C. 5867 – Dawn of Civilization by G.C.C. Maspero

DAWN OF CIVILIZATION B.C. 5867 G.C.C. MASPERO *Brooksy Note: the whole of this text is exactly as written by G.C.C Maspero. We have added only titles and boldened sentences in an effort to make the text more reader-friendly and easier to comprehend. It wouldn’t be

Dear Kobe, From a Heartbroken Fan

Dear Kobe, Getting home from school as a kid, I’d race up the stairs into my older sister’s bedroom like there was a pot of purple & gold waiting for me in there. I shared my room with my two brothers and we hadn’t been

Top 10 Orange County Coffee Shops

OC Coffee House Guide Herst Coffee Roasters Located in Newport Beach’s ritzy Lido Marina Village, where yachts are surely anchored dockside, soak in the more lavish Orange County sun rays at this posh coffee shop. The cafe’s dream-like ambiance matches its radiant surroundings, making it

The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

Book: The $100 Startup By Chris Guillebeau About the Author: Chris Guillebeau is an entrepreneur, traveler, and writer. His previous book was The Art of Nonconformity. During a lifetime of self-employment and ventures ranging from online publishing to volunteer work in West Africa, he has visited

Chevron CEO: Mike Wirth Biography

Mike Wirth Chevron CEO “Fundamental to a better quality of life, which is what everybody wants, they want a better future for their children, they want education, they want health care, better opportunity; economic development underpins that and economic development goes hand in hand with

Benjamin Franklin Ran Away From Home At 17 Years Old

Book: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin By Benjamin Franklin About the Book: The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin is the unfinished record of Benjamin Franklin’s life written by Franklin himself and is one of the most influential examples of an autobiography ever written. Franklin’s account of

Sir Winston Churchill’s Reading List

Books That Winston Churchill Recommends We have put together the ultimate list of books that Sir Winston S. Churchill read and would have encouraged others to read. Each text has been gathered from references used in his own works, various media outlets, etc. “If you